Do you shop online or in actual stores?

Normally, I just grab something and go.
I hate shopping...
If you were to look at my wardrobe, you would see that style and I do not talk that often.

To be quite honest...
As far as style goes, I normally look online at the different womens clothes sites to see what is popular.
I would say that I watched celebrity dressings, but I do not think so, I mean...
Yeah, I would like to be stylish...
But, I am not spending $2,000 on a shirt.
A shirt? Really?! Really!

I really do not know the last time I went shopping.
It gets kinda hard to go once you become a mom.
Think about it, you have so much going on.
You try to look at what is popular.
You need to get into a dressing room to try it on.
You need to entertain your child while doing so.
Like they really want to spend the day watching mommy try on different outfits..
Then there are the accessories.
You need your shoes, your jewelry and your purse.
Wow, so much goes into that one outfit.
By the time I have even got that far along, I am completely OVER it!

I would rather just grab something and go.
Or easier than that...
Just buy online!
With so many great sites, you can easily find something for anyone in your family online these days...
You can shop for clothing, medicine, you name it...
You can find it online!

I like the convenience of looking from home and then trying to figure out the whole outfit.
Think about it, you watch some show and want to create that look for less...
It is 2:00 A.M.
Are you really going to get up, get dressed and find a store then?
But, online, you can!!!

You can also pick up a few things for other family members, when you have the option to price compare to get the best online deals!!!
This would totally be cute on the high school crowd!
Think of all the texters you know!
I did have to laugh though...
I was looking online at a few sites when I saw these:
Ballerina Slippers

Why did I laugh?
Well, back in day, when I worked in the bar...
One of my dear friends was getting ready to go out to celebrate her birthday...
She stopped by the bar to get started...
and when she went to get something out of her purse, shoes like that fell out!
I asked what she was doing and she had to explain...
She was going dancing that night and she wanted to have other shoes to slip into to rest and give her feet a break!
Little to say, she ended up DANCING in them all night, as she just did not have the desire to change out of her comfort shoes!!!!

So, do you choose comfort over fashion?
Rather, are you fashionably comfortable or comfortably fashionable?
Ha! I do not know the difference, but if you know me..
Comfort always wins!!!

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