Updated: Emeril Answers YOUR Questions!!!!

***** Update: Due to Facebook Rules and Regulations, they are no longer hosting a giveaway. Sorry for that! Still, head on over and ask Emeril any questions you are just dying to know the answer to!!! Should be a great time!!!! *****

When I hear the name, Emeril...
I think of my dad!
My dad LOVES to grill...
and loves watching Emeril!

I honestly had no clue that my dad even watched cooking television, until he mentioned Emeril!
Then, I saw how much he enjoyed him!
I guess the enthusiasm Emeril shows is how my dad feels...
I don't know!

Either way, I received an email talking about Emeril and his facebook page...
I wanted to share with you, just in case any of you enjoy Emeril as much as my dad!

Wednesday, June 29th...
Log on to Emeril's facebook page.
From 3:00 to 4:00 EST, he will be answering all your questions... LIVE!


Who: YOU
What: Chatting it up with Emeril... LIVE
When: Wednesday, June 29 from 3:00 - 4:00 EST
Why: You know you want to :)

I was not required to post this, just thought you might want to have a heads up and participate!


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