Let's get a bit personal... If you don't mind

We live in an apartment.
As you know, we want to get a house one day...
But houses are crazy here...
(Or maybe everywhere, I just do not know)

Anyways, when looking at houses...
We try and picture furniture in there, right?
Obviously, we have our room...
Then, we need room for the boys...
Maybe a spare room?
Well, with the houses that we have seen...
WHOA, the rooms are so small!

I mean, with some of the rooms, you barely had enough room for a children's bed!
That leads me to this...
How is your layout for your kids room?
I want to get bunk beds for the boys, I figure that would be the easiest way to give MORE room with less space.

I found one that I thought was pretty neat:
It is a bunk bed, but you can take them apart and it is 2 twin beds!
We actually had this type of beds in my dorm room!
I walked in and my roommate had them bunked ready to go, I wanted the bottom.
We did that for a bit, then ended up going to the two by themselves.
I think we ended up going back to bunks...
But, it was pretty cool to have the option to change it as our moods did!
I also liked the bed that is in a category called cabin beds.
(I had never heard of this terminology, but they are pretty smart!)
It is a bed, that is lifted, like a loft...
Underneath, it actually has drawers and bookshelves!
Talk about a great idea!
Once again, less room!
I like this concept, as you can basically fit more stuff together to allow more room for playing!

So, tell me, what do you do for your kids rooms?
Do you just have a single bed?
Or bunk beds?
Or even matching twin beds?

There are so many options, that you can pretty much figure it out to accommodate your room size, as well as the style you want to go for!
I mean, there is so much additional information available these days, all you have to look around!

***** This post is brought to you by Bedstar. All comments and opinions are 100 % mine.*****


  1. This looks really neat! I know what you mean about small bedrooms, and I'm always looking for ways to use the space more efficiently. These beds look like a great idea!

  2. I love the loft bed. JDaniel doesn't have a bureau and will need one.

  3. I grew up with 5 siblings and only 2 rooms. We lived with bunk beds! But it was fun ;)

  4. Move to Kentucky LOL We got a house that is over twice the size of ours in GA for 30k less!! AND it has 2 acres LOL
    But really, its very common in your are for the rooms to be small. We had that same issue. If you remember the house we have in GA, Master was good, spare fine, then the 3rd well it was tiny. Thats what we came across all the time.
    I love the idea of both the beds. But the loft style would deff be my choice. Only thing is Marc isn't a small man, so I know his boys will be at least his height, so be careful a twin bed they will out grow quickly! My brother Devin, fit best in a Queen!!

  5. My cousins had bunkbeds for a while, exactly like the one shown up there. They had it as a bunkbed, then switched it once they got older. I like the second one, then you're not looking for dresser space, etc.


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