Ebeanstalk - Review

I have discussed Ebeanstalk before.
I love how the site makes it so easy for anyone and everyone to take a look around and see what all they have to offer!
I also love that if you are one that does not have children, they can sort of help guide you.
I remember when friends would invite me to their kids parties..
I would have NO CLUE what to get them..
I mean, yeah... they are turning 3, but what are three year old gifts?
With Ebeanstalk, you just search, Toys for a 3 YR old and it will help you out!!!
I know that we have a friend that has a little boy that just turned one and another turning 4 or 5, isn't it horrible that I do not remember?
Where does the time go?
Well, I am all about buying books and toys and everything else, but I really think that I might have to go with books this time, as he has every toy imaginable!
I was looking at Books on Eric Carle.
You know, the Hungry Caterpillar Book?
Well, he has more than just that one!
He has several that I have never even heard of!

Either way, if you are looking to make a wish list of great items for your child...
Birthday, Christmas, you name it...
Ebeanstalk will let you do that!

Also, don't forget the thing that I loved most in my original post...
You can purchase a Grow and Learn Series gift...
With this, every 3 months, a new age appropriate toy will arrive for the selected recipient!!!
How cool?!

I am just having a hard time trying to narrow down my options!

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  1. I love the hungry caterpillar book! Who cares if i'm 17? I may have to buy some more of his books for myself... I can just tell everyone they're for critter


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