What's for Dinner? Do you have The Stocked Kitchen? Review

Do I have a book for you to buy.
As in, read this post...
Then, get this book!

I was given the opportunity to review The Stocked Kitchen by Sarah Kallio and Stacey Krastins.
Am I happy I did?

You see, I watched a show one time that talked about if you stocked your kitchen, you could throw together meals when need be.
After that show, I went and bought the things I remembered and it worked...
Until they ran out.
I could not remember what I needed to stock it!

With this book, it is so much more than just a list of items to stock with.
(Although, they do include pull out grocery lists at the back for that purpose!)

Let me give you a run down on this book:
First of all, they give you a few pointers about getting prepared.
Take out all items in your pantry, as you might have some of the items already!
(I did, so I KNOW you will!)
While the pantry is bare... clean it!

Then, restock...
and reorganize!
I liked how they said, "if you haven't opened it or used something in over a year and its not on the list, get rid of it!"
They even include a few pointers on organizing your kitchen!
Hey, if you are going to stock it and clean it, why not be totally prepared and ORGANIZE IT!

The authors are also moms, so they know that a "quick trip to the store" really isn't that quick when you have kids to take with you.
No running in and out!
They give you pointers on how to eliminate all those wasted trips...
How and what to stock up on and a guide "to use by."

A really cool section to me?
The "stocked in a week review."
In this section, they tell you the category of the meal and why they chose it...
Makes perfect sense!
Example :
Monday - Chicken-Rice or Pasta Bake
Why? Monday's you have the time to let something bake, but not the energy to be in the kitchen for a long time preparing after a busy weekend!

They then give you a glossary.
Not just any glossary, but they also include where in the grocery store you can expect to purchase the item they are discussing...
As well as the best place to store it!
(I needed that!)
Something I learned in the glossary:
If a recipe calls for fish sauce (have never heard of it, so I know for sure that we do not have it!)
You can substitute half Worcestershire Sauce and half soy sauce!
Wow, never would have known!!!

They include tons of great recipes that seem easy enough that I can figure it out.
What did not help me?
They amazingly beautiful pictures they included!
It made me want to eat everything right then!!!!
(Settled for a glass of water!)

From appetizers to marinades, breakfast or dessert...
They have a little of everything in here!

Best of all, if you purchase everything on their stocked grocery list...
You can make them!!!

I think this would be a great gift...
For newlyweds, kids getting their first apartment, or a bachelor you know!
As well as people like me... (and you know you want one too!)

Go ahead and follow them on facebook and twitter...
They share some great looking recipes on their twitter!!!

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