Summer Time is Grilling Time!

What do you think of when you think of Summer Time?
I think of Pools and Grilling!
This is my dad, "teaching" my cousin "the proper grilling techniques."

My dad LOVES to grill!
He is the "grill master!"
Ha ha!!!
I do not know what kind of grill he has now, but I do know that it took him over a year of studying them before he would settle on one!

With summer officially here, isn't it time to start looking?
Wouldn't you hate to plan an amazing cookout, only to discover that you did not have an awesome grill?
Weber Grills seem to have grills of every shape and size!
You can narrow down your search to charcoal, electric, natural gas or propane.

Now, I do not know much about grills...
But I can tell you that the weber genesis grills look like they have the whole kitchen right there!
You get stainless steel burners and even grill hooks on it!

Now, the genesis e310 is a pretty fancy grill in my opinion!
If I was going to buy my dad a grill, which I am not, but just saying...
I would totally get his opinion on this!
Besides the burners and all, you have "work space" and a center mounted thermometer!

I guess if you are serious about grilling, this is the ticket!
I once had a grill...
It was a little Jim Beam Grill I got from work...
It was meant for camping...
What happened to it?
It rained and got blown away!

You know, apartment living, we aren't allowed to have grills...
So, we will not own one for the time being...
One day...
One day...
Just remember with these fancy weber grills, you might want to invest in a nice grill cover!
So, the question is...
When we DO own a grill, is our grill cover going to be UGA (for me) or LSU (for Marc)...
That is the million dollar question!


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