The 5th Quarter on DVD August 30th - Review

Have you heard of The 5th Quarter?
I cried.
I have thought and thought and thought of how to come up with a way to describe this movie.

I remember hearing about this movie and saying that I wanted to watch it.
Yes, I knew it was a true story.
I knew it dealt with death, but for some reason, I wanted to watch it really bad.

I was able to watch it this past weekend and I can not stop talking about it...
I sent my mom a text: Have a movie you have to watch! Tear Jerker.
I told one of the leasing agents at our apartment complex...
It comes out August 30th, you have to see it...
I called friends, once this movie is out...
Must watch!

I can not say it was a good movie.
How can I?
Someone lost a brother/a son/a friend.
What I can say is that it moved me...

The 5th Quarter is the true story of how the death of a 15 year old in Powder Springs, Georgia not only affected his family, but also affected so many around him.
Luke Abbate was killed in a car crash at the age of 15, a life taken much too soon that left many to deal with wondering how to even start to deal with such a loss.
Luke was the baby of the family...
His whole family suffered, but this movie puts the focus on Jon, his older brother that played football at Wake Forest.

Jon struggles with this loss, including thinking he could never play football again, but in the end...
He not only plays football, he helps bring his team a victory.
No, not just one game...
but the entire season!

I loved learning that Jon originally wore number 40, in honor of Pat Tillman...
Then, after the passing of his brother, requested to wear number 5.
He dedicated the season to his brothers memory.
The players and fans even started calling the 4th Quarter, the 5th Quarter in his honor!!!

This is a very spiritual movie, with scripture being read at his bedside...
Throughout the entire movie...
I cried.
Cried for their loss, cried for the message being told.
Cried for the fact that they shared their story with us.

If you have movie night in your house...
I highly recommend you making August 30th movie night and planning on getting this.
If you don't have movie night, maybe this movie might make you want to start...
The value of family is something that no one can put a price tag on.
This movie has been updated to a rating of PG.

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  1. I have not seen this movie but after your great review I will! I like movies that have a perspective of bringing us back to reality to what matters most in life.

  2. I have not heard of this one before but I'd love to see it.


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