Bob The Builder : Super Scrambler Review

Can we build it?
Yes WE CAN!!!!

Broxton loves Bob the Builder and I think the show is super cute too!
I love how the machines and Bob and Wendy work to get everything taken care of.
Also, I think they are cute how they are machines, but they are portrayed as children...

We were sent the newest DVD from HIT ENTERTAINMENT.
Bob the Builder: Super Scrambler.
This particular DVD has 4 episodes with those lovable characters on it.

I think that the episode I enjoyed the most was "Scratch and the Dream Home."
This was my favorite because it talked about following the plans.
In this one, Bob is building a "dream home" for scratch.

He has the layout on his computer and tells the others that is how they are going to build it.
Once Scratch hears "dream home," he wants to add a slide to it, to make it his dream home.
Of course, Bob says they can do it!
So, they leave to go get the slide.
While they are gone, the machines and Scratch decide to go ahead and build the house, you know... just wanting to help out.
Scratch keeps adding on to his dream home and they are trying to do it...
Well, lets just say, the dream home turns into a nightmare...
UNTIL they listen to what Bob said...
Follow the plans!
Once they did that, the house turned out perfect and Bob and Wendy were so surprised to come back to having this already completed!

After we watched this, I talked to Broxton about that is why we follow rules and plans...
They are there to help us out.

As always, Broxton was captivated by the show and I loved spending time cuddling and watching it as well!


It’s super-sized fun in four exciting adventures! Scrambler wants to be a Super-Smasher hero while he builds Farmer Pickles’ milk shed. He works alongsidethe whole Can-Do crew to get the job done! Wendy, Travis and Muck show theteam there’s more to strength than lifting heavy blocks and that following instructions is always important. Bob and his crew finish the job with the super power of tools and teamwork!


· “Travis’ New Garage”

· “Scratch and the Dream Home”

· “Super Scrambler”

· “Roley and the Fox”

Available 8/16/2011

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  1. My little grandson is only two and he knows all the names of Bob The Builders machines. We watch it together all the time!

  2. Great DVD, I am British so am still getting used to Bob having an American accent :)

  3. It always amazes me how a certain theme song can be understood by even kids that are not old enough to speak yet. My youngest hears the beginning of song and comes running.

    I love that you sat down afterwards and discussed the subtle lessons that are shown. I am going to have to start doing that.


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