Marley and Me - The Puppy Years Review

I told you that Marley and Me: The Puppy Years was hitting the shelves...
Well, we just watched it and it is adorable!!!

I will say, when it first started, I noticed that the introduction seemed especially long.
Now, if you are a huge dog lover, you will love watching it, as it is pictures of different dogs and the cast members names...
But, if you are trying to watch it with a child, that part eventually gets missed...

I thought that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were going to be in it again...
But, in this one...
They are on vacation and have someone else dog sitting...
In Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, Marley is being watched by a teenage boy.
He decides that he wants a puppy and since he is watching Marley (at his grandads for the summer) he asks his mom to let him, if he can show he is responsible and can train Marley.

The movie puts the focus on Marley being trained for a dog event...
There are other cute pups in the movie, so of course Broxton enjoyed watching.

Of course, the grandaddy is a former Marine...
So, military training comes into play!
Gotta love the stealth!

I did like how they had the dog competition and you got to see several different breeds!
And to hear Marley and the other dogs talking to one another?
Just too cute!!!!

We both loved it and I am sure it will be watched more and more...
Even if it is just for me to hear Broxton squeal saying "Marley!" over and over!!!

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  1. There is NO WAY that we could watch that here, Mai-Li goes nuts whenever there is a doggie on TV. I would go crazy with her barking throughout the entire movie... UGH!
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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