Carving Pumpkins and #MakingMemories - That is what it is all about!

I thought it would be nice to post a few pictures from what has been going on around here lately... 
Between volunteering at the school and then home life, it is busy busy, but I would not trade it for the world!  I was looking back at some of the photo's of the last few months and this cracked me up...
I am not sure if I ever admitted my secret... so I am going to tell you now...
You have to promise not to tell anyone, it will be just between us, okay?
The secret?
My husband has a secret hidden talent...
He LOVES carving pumpkins and he is really good at it!  

So, once it gets close to halloween, we go get a pumpkin... 
He looks and looks and finds the perfect one for what he has in mind...
Then, we get home and he gets to working...
Same thing each year, Broxton wants to help.. but he is for real serious about this....
So... This year, I went back to the store and bought pumpkins for Broxton and the big brother... 
B watching daddy carve the pumpkin.

R and daddy working on their pumpkins...  
 As I was walking around the yard, I saw a beautiful *yet tattered* butterfly.  It was just sitting there waiting and did not fly off.... Of course I did not bother it, but I did take a picture of it... The tattered wing made me sad and wondered what had happened to it... but the beauty of it all made me smile.  
 The end results...
Daddy went with a pumpkin witch lady face (Wish I would have taken a better picture of it) , B went with the traditional jack-o-lantern face (that I just noticed has NO NOSE)  and R went with the sick pumpkin. *** Side note, I did that exact pumpkin YEARS ago when I worked at a bar and we had pumpkins around for decoration!
I think they turned out great, but it was too hot and they quickly deteriorated.  We had to throw them away before Halloween.  They were cute while they were up there though!   Better than that, the memories they made making their pumpkins was worth it all!  

Do you get into carving pumpkins for Halloween?  If so, what did yours look like?


  1. So fun! Too bad they didn't last. :(

  2. We do carve pumpkins. I think it's fun too. Your guys all have good ones here!

  3. I"m glad you guys had fun carving. Pretty cool designs.

    But gosh that butterfly makes me so sad. And it's so beautiful.
    I hope it will be okay.

  4. They look great! I feel bad because we didn't carve any this year. I actually like it when Daddy helps them with this project. I don't like how messy it gets. I did just cut some up to use the pumpkin to make things: Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin smoothies.


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