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The older kids get, the more expensive their wish list gets... At least that is how it seems in our house.  Not only as far as their wish list, but just in general... Clothes cost more.  Food Costs more.  Events cost more.  See what I mean?  I got to thinking about how my life with Broxton is all about "making memories."  I was thinking about how gift giving at Christmas shouldn't be all about the physical gifts that are under the tree, but more about the memories.  *NO WORRIES, we will still have presents...  Just go with me here a minute.   I saw somewhere on line about "thinking outside the box when it comes to gifts for kids...  
Some had great ideas as to money towards sports they want to play.  (Like paying the registration fee for a sport or something.)  Others thought about passes to local attractions like the Zoo or something..  We recently went to an indoor AWESOME place and I immediately had to see if we could work together in a review to share with you ... as I know this would be a great gift and talk about making memories!   
What is this Magical Place?  Well, it is called SKYZONE and I am pretty sure there is one somewhat near you, or at least in the works.  It seems they are growing far and wide! (Head over to click on their locations to see what is near you!)  
When I went to go for a review, I took one of the older boys with me. I knew that B had a blast, but I wanted the opinion of a teenager.  He loved it!  I did not participate... Since having Broxton (yes, over 5 years ago, but still...) the whole riding rides/ bouncing on things makes me sick... Car sick happens more often now too! 

 The one area he kept having to go back to ?  The basketball area.  They have 3 different hoops at 3 different heights.  Both boys loved it and it was fun watching them playing.  
 Another big hit?  The family dodgeball area.  It was a slow day when we were there, so both of them got to play together... I think they normally divide it up based on age, but it was nice to let them play at the same time and have fun.  What was REALLY awesome was when the older guys got in there -- they were having a BLAST throwing the balls and trying to peg one another.  I don't know who they were or how old they were, but when they were in there, it was like they were kids again!  (I would guess they were probably mid-late 20's.)  
 The foam pit seems to have a love - hate relationship with everyone that went in there.  They said it was a blast jumping and landing in there -- but then the climbing out was hard and a pain.  R even worked up a sweat getting out of there and warned some of the other adults about it.  Of course that is like telling a sweets lover not to look at the candy store, so they would eventually walk back, laughing.. talking about it was awesome going in, but torture coming out!  The workers said the lighter you are, the easier it is to get out, since you sort of land "ON" the foam, but the heavier you are, you sort of sink into it and have to climb your way out! 
The main part you enter is the free jump area... Lots and lots of individual trampolines... as well as trampolines on the wall.  Each person has their own area, no 2 people are allowed into the same square at the same time.  
Of course, once you have been jumping for a bit, you get a little tired, this was actually when he tried to do a jump or something and just decided to lay there for a second to catch his breath to go again! We were only there for an hour, but both boys were worn out once we left!  I would say it was a major success!  
Skyzone is for "kids" of all ages.  If you can walk, you can jump!  The weight limit goes up to 300 pounds, so don't think this is a kid only event!  Our location actually has dodge-ball tournaments each week.   They said they have great turnouts, so that is awesome.  

As I said, I think that this would be a great gift.  You could give each person a pair of SkyZone socks (in their gift)  since each person has to have the official sky zone socks to jump.  Then, you could give them jump passes.  Plan a day when you all can go together. You will be doing more than just giving them a gift.  They will be getting fun, exercise and great memories!  
This would be a great gift idea for several occasions:
Girls Night
Guys Night
Highschool friends home from college on break
Family fun
Birthday Party

Lucky for those that live near Kennesaw, Georgia.
The owner of Sky Zone Kennesaw is giving away to 1 hour jump passes!
Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.
** Please note, this is just the JUMP PASS.  Winner is responsible for transportation to / from SkyZone and is also responsible for purchase of Sky Zone Socks.  

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  1. I'm not much on the rides anymore, either, but the bouncing sounds fun for a while. I can imagine how much fun this would be for kids of all ages! If we lived in the area I would be entering the giveaway for sure. :)

  2. this sounds awesome

  3. Have never been here, but there is one about a half hour from me, thought it was more for groups didn't realize you could go individually. If I was closer I'd enter but will definitely be checking this place out!

  4. The bouncing pictures are the best! We went to one a few years ago and had a BLAST!!!! Such fun and quite the exercise. It does not look like it requires much but when you get going, you realize just what a workout it is!

  5. My nephew Elijah is the biggest ball loving kid in our family. He is only 6, and pitched for his baseball team for 9 year olds this summer. Then my brother-in-law took footage of him playing basket ball, and making a basket. He's just a ball playing. All the other kids in the family run from the ball.

  6. Ha!!! You got some great pictures!! Love the actions shots. :) This is a palce my kids would like, I'm absolutely sure of it.

  7. We haven't been yet but would love to! The dodgeball looks the best! Fun.


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