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Coughing.  Sneezing. Snot.  Yep, we have all been there and with the weather changing on us... That means more is headed our way.  At least with us... and I believe it will be more so now that he is in school.  It seems like every day I go to his school there are kids everywhere just coughing and hacking up... Everywhere... 
I do have tissues handy, but the cool thing is when I have Boogie Wipes.
They are "special" tissues that are perfect for Broxton. When they are around, I admit that I use them too... It is just something about a nice SOFT, moist tissue to clean my nose.. Especially when it is raw from being wiped 7 million times!   Another great thing? They help to clean up their face if they have a messy one (or if it has dried up from being at school all day.)
Boogie Wipes has plenty to make sure your little noses are well taken care of!
Boogie Wipes come in 3 different scents:  fresh, grape or unscented.
Boogie Wipes has also released a new product - BLASTERS and that comes in boogieberry scent.  To round out all that Boogie Wipes offers, they also have the Boogie Mist (fresh, grape or unscented are the available scents for the saline spray.)
If you are a parent or grandparent that likes to send in goodies for your kids class... Think about sending in a canister of Boogie Wipes to help out with flu season.  Also, if you want to learn a few "booger facts" make sure you check out the 10 fun facts they have listed on their site! With Boogie Wipes we can all hope to make the most out of the colds that come our way this season!  


  1. I like that they come in scents. My MIL has these right now (she watches her great grandbaby a lot) and she likes them tons.

  2. I love these!
    I still have some from the last time I was sent some!


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