Paw Patrol Winter Rescues #MakingMyList

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Know what is going under our tree this year?  Just the newest Paw Patrol DVD for Broxton.  I tell you what, his "likes and dislikes" change more than a teenage girl some days!  He used to be totally obsessed with this show and then decided he was to grown to watch it. (Welcome to Kindergarten, the things you can like change DRASTICALLY.)  We had a big talk about liking what he wants to like and not changing his opinion for anyone.  If they are going to be his friend, it will be for who HE IS -- not who HE CHANGES to be.  
So - Paw Patrol was put on the back burner for a bit... but then out of nowhere, he tells me he really wants to watch Paw Patrol... You know, since "You have not let me watch it in like 7 hundred million years!"  Do you know how happy that made me?  I have not hid the fact that I love this show.  The lessons they teach, the fact that the dogs are so cute...    Yep. So he is back into loving it again and I can watch with him!  

Prepare for an icy adventure this holiday season! The PAW Patrol pups are back for 7 wintery missions that include a double-length adventure to save Christmas in this new DVD set. From a ski-lift rescue to tracking down a snow monster, no job is too big and no pup is too small. Plus, see how Rubble first joined the team by helping out in a snowy situation! Full of festive fun that fans won’t want to miss out on, this DVD set makes the perfect holiday gift for fans.  Produced by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution in the US. 


  1. Oh yes I definitely know the changing in choice and the oh so famous, I'm too old for that now mom :)

    But the kids sometimes let down and just enjoy :)

  2. How cute is this?!!! It kinda makes me happy just looking at the cover and hearing about it!

  3. Paw Patrol is cute. My son's tastes are changing now and he's starting to like his sister's shows like Sam & Cat. Makes me laugh, but I miss the kiddie cartoons.


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