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Every day at Broxton's school they have snack time in the morning.  I am not sure the time, but I know they get to school way to early for me... and then at some point they have snack... The thing is, I bought him all sorts of snacks for school, but then we got a note sent home saying that they were going to ask all parents to send in snacks for the whole class.  That was fine with me, especially since the teacher listed what was best NOT to send in. While I may worry what some parents might send their kids, I knew with it being for the whole class,  I was safe!  What made it more exciting was when I received a box of goodies at home...  I was getting Funny Face Cranberries to send in for the class.  I knew it was going to be something different and truth be told, I wanted to hear if the kids liked them or not...  We all know kids at that age are very honest and I was eager to hear what his friends all thought.
I sent them in (side note, don't you just love the lunch bag they sent that Broxton gets to take to school now?)  and waited to hear...  I personally am not a fan of cranberries (Marc LOVES them and Broxton likes the Funny Face ones)  so when I heard back from the teacher, I was thrilled!  17 kids liked them... 7 didn't!   Sounds like a win for me!  
(Let's also keep in mind that I was there the other day to help with their fall centers day and was working with 100 kindergartners... that day I learned that candy corn is not a favorite of everyone... neither are raisins and surprisingly pretzel sticks weren't a big hit!  So to hear that 2/3 of his class enjoyed the funny face cranberries... that made me make a happy face!)
Funny Face Cranberries are not just "cranberries" they are flavored cranberries that are packaged in several different ways.  You can get individual boxes *seen above* or bigger bags for family.  
Please click over to the Funny Face Cranberry Site to learn more about them.
They even have several great recipes for you to try.  Since it is almost Thanksgiving, I decided to share the recipe for Choo Choo Cherry's Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce...

• 1 1/2 cups Choo Choo Cherry Dried Cranberries
• 3/4 cup cranberry juice
• 1/4 tbs salt
• 1/3 cup sugar
• 2 tbs cornstarch
• 4 tbs water

• Combine dried cranberries, juice, salt and sugar in saucepan
• Bring mixture to gentle boil
• When cranberries plump up, add cornstarch and water
• Simmer until sauce has thick consistancy
• Let the sauce cool and enjoy with your favorite Thanksgiving dish!
• To add some extra FUN to this recipe, try pumping up the
 flavor with lemon or orange zest!
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  1. I'm the world's biggest cranberry lover!! That's my fave, I'd love these. I'm ignoring the part that they're for kids. ;)

  2. I love cranberries.
    I remember when we had to bring in snacks. It worked okay until my budget was low :)


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