Make it a Point to go see Big Hero 6

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Just last week, we were invited to go check out Big Hero 6 for an advance screening.  Of course, Broxton was thrilled to see it and it was the night there wasn't school the next day, so we went for it!  As I have stated before, I don't really pay much attention to the synopsis on many movies, I just go based on the actors in the movie... if it is a Disney movie, I am almost always going to say yes!  
We got there and the place was packed!  For advance screenings, it is always a hit or miss on the crowd, but this night was packed way before the show started!   Broxton was excited to see it and of course we were lucky enough to see it in 3D.  That was an added plus!  
The movie was a good one, true to Disney stories, it was a great story line and the animation was fantastic.  I will say that this movie is not geared towards one gender or another, as the main cast was both male and female.  Of course, the "main character" was a boy, but the other main character was a robot, so what does that tell you?  It was a sad one, I will tell you that!   I thought I felt a trickle of tears teasing me to stream down my face at one point, then I heard the little girl behind me crying --- like full out "Notebook" crying and I started thinking about how I normally sound in a theater and the tears snuck their way back up to my eyes!  
What exactly is Big Hero 6?
It is a movie about a boy, a robot and a team of "nerds."  The movie takes place in San Fransokyo. (A mix of San Francisco and Tokyo)  Hiro's big brother makes a robot (Baymax) that is going to help heal those that are sick.  Think of a Robot nurse type.  Well,  in learning the ways of life, Hiro and Baymax, along with the "nerds" learn more about friendship and become the HERO they all are inside.  They have to solve a mystery that is near and dear to them all.
It really was a great movie that was not only full of excitement from the start, but it also was a tearjerker that makes you proud of how people can turn out to be!  ( It was a hit for the 5 year old, the 18 year old and even the adults - but, I am not disclosing my age!)
If you plan on going to see it, make sure you get there early...
The little "short" before the movie, called FEAST, was a super sweet one that had everyone in the theater saying "AWE!"


  1. I haven't heard of this one. I sure my boys will want to see it.

  2. I think this is going to be so cute! I've heard nothing but good reviews from those who have seen it. :)


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