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There is no denying that we love Frozen in this house... I love the story (and music) and Broxton loves Olaf.  It works out great for us and we need to actually watch the movie again soon, I am missing singing along! We have been lucky to have had the chance to read several of the Disney Line of Frozen Books and they just keep releasing them!  I love it though, what better way to get a child interested in reading than to write about something they enjoy????   One of the latest books from Disney Frozen?  Elsa's Gift .
This is a great book!   In this book, Arendelle is celebrating winter --- but it is because that is the season, not because of Queen Elsa.  (Meaning, this takes place AFTER the movie!)  
We see Anna, Elsa and even Kristoff!  Of course, Broxton kept asking when Olaf was going to be there and as soon as he saw him, he was happy and all was right again ;)
This book has Queen Elsa and Princess Anna planning a Winter Ball.  Do you know what the gift is that Elsa has planned?  You need to read the book to find out!
I will tell you this, life is not all about material things...  the time spent with one another is a perfect gift too!  Even Kristoff says that Anna would probably like to just "spend time with her big sister."  Talk about "Making Memories!"  Super cute book with the graphics that we love from Disney!  
This book is targeted for ages 6-8, but I think it would be great for the younger ones... The cover is a hard cover with thick pages throughout. Think board book but NOT for babies!  The purchase of this book includes a Mobile App for iPhone and iPads.   


  1. I love books like this! Ones that teach a good lesson to kids like learning that time is more important than material things.

  2. My kids actually really loved the movie. I couldn't understand the hype, but didn't mind it. Most little girls dressed up like the girls in this movie for Halloween.

  3. I want to get the movie. I should tell Santa... oh wait, I am Santa in this house. ;)

  4. Who doesn't love frozen? And I love that this book takes off after the movie so it's a different story presumably. And again books are the gift that keeps on giving!


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