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I am all about books that will help with discussing bullying.  I try and talk to Broxton about bullying, but sometimes it is easier to explain and talk about it with a book to read and look at.  That was the case in the book we were recently sent for review.
The Bully and the Shrimp was a great book.  It is more than just name calling.
In this book, we meet Connor and Noah. Noah recently moved to a new school -- so he knows no one.  He has to make new friends and doesn't have any of his familiar surroundings to help him deal with things.  The only thing he does have is his trusty journal that he draws in.
On the FIRST day of school for him at the new school Noah meets a kid that he tries to be nice to... but come to find out, he is the class bully!   Besides name calling, he does other mean things to him - EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
I feel bad for him and used this as a time to talk to Broxton about talking to a parent or teacher if this were to ever happen to him. The end of the book has a couple tips to help caregivers deal with discussing bullies.
We really enjoyed the book and the bring and creative drawings in Noah's journal was an added bonus! 
Make sure you grab this book to add to your personal library! 


  1. I hope the book has a happy ending! Bullying is a difficult subject to tackle, but even harder to deal with when it's real. Been there done that w/my daughter. Seriously heartbreaking and no fun at all.


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