Encyclopedia of Disney Characters

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Disney has been a name we have loved for as long as I can remember. I had tons of the movies on VHS (yep, totally dating myself now!)  and now we are trying to add to our DVD / Blu-Ray Collection.  With all Disney movies, you get to learn... and fall in love with... all of the characters.  
In this Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters, we start with ABU and end with ZURG.  This Encyclopedia is a hard back book that features fun facts, tricky trivia, and cool quotes about over 150 Disney heroes (and villains!)
I loved that it even had Jiminy Cricket in there, he was always a cute character to me.  This book is so up to date, it even had SVEN in it (from Frozen!)  
Besides the character pictures, it also has:
"Tricky Trivia!"
One example is from Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmations) " What is the puppies' favorite TV show? "  Answer- " The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour."
An example includes " Monsters wear " odorant" to make themselves extra smelly.  Some popular smells include Old Dumpster, Low Tide and Wet Dog! "
Example from Olaf " Some people are worth fighting for."  

We have really enjoyed looking at this book and I love hearing Broxton's excitement whenever he sees a character he loves.  Yes, there are many in here that I have no clue about.... Edna Mode?  Colette?  Pascal?
That just means there are plenty of Disney movies and books for us to still explore!  
Who is your favorite Disney Character?  


  1. My favorite? That's a hard one. I'm thinking belle. I like that she didn't go for the jerk, and went for the beast, which ended up being the good guy.


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