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Ice storm of 2014 --- Do you remember that at all?  I know I for sure do.  We had like back to back issues... Marc's dad had just passed and we had to make an emergency trip to deal with things... leaving us stranded in a hotel for days (since the roads home were closed.)  
Luckily for us, we were in a hotel... Others were stuck at home and were having other issues of their own.  As a mom, I like to think that I am pretty much prepared for whatever might happen our way, but truth be told, I didn't have a "go to kit" or anything like that...  

We had ice... We had snow... We made memories... and lucky for us, we had power!  
The ice on our trees out front.  
As I said, we were lucky that we had power and were safe, but there were many people left stranded... In their homes, in their cars.. at school... you name it...  and they just basically had to "deal with it." We now have an emergency kit to have on hand if we are ever in that situation again... I tell you, it would have been great to have this when we lived in our apartment, because every time it started raining, our power went out...  Anyways... We were sent the B*101 "Live Well Equipped" Kit from Boltwell for review and of course I had to show it all to Marc and get his opinion on the contents.  

 The kit was sent in a nice and sturdy box for easy storage until you were to need it.  I did wish that it would have been in a plastic storage container, but then Marc said he thought it would have served a better purpose being in a METAL container --- in case you needed to boil water, you could actually USE the storage box!  (I thought that was an awesome idea!)
The box was packed nice and neat and it literally had a little of everything to help you in case of an emergency.  Of course, the main space taker was the first aid kit.  This was a nice plastic zip up bag that had plenty of medical necessities inside it.  Marc liked the radio the most... but he was also impressed with the "toilet kit."
Included in the box:
Weather Radio (with flashlight... and SOLAR POWERED!), Hand Sani Pen, Mutli Tool(cuts, saws, screws, opens files, bottle opener), Food Bar, Ultibrush (all in one toothbrush), Toilet Kit , Quick Dry Chamois Towel, Dry Shampoo, Pocket Lantern and First Aid Kit.

All in all, we were both really impressed with the Boltwell kit.  Can you think of anything that you would need in a kit like this?  


  1. I'm with Marc, the radio impressed me. I forget to keep things charged and if inclement weather knocks out our power, I'm the first one to be completely out of touch with what's going on.

  2. Going camping I always feel like I need some kind of kit.

  3. I remember that storm in Atlanta is it. Then when the second one threatened the governor panicked.

    That was something.

    It's true. I keep saying I need to get a to go kit and I still don't have one. I must though. It's just the getting of the things can get expensive.

    The radio in this kit is pretty cool and seems easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing.


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