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Now that I have the theme song in your head... Or maybe its just in mine... Side note, I LOVE hearing Broxton singing the Doc McStuffins Theme song...  "The Doc Is In... and she'll fix you up... If your a TOY- YOU'RE IN LUCK!"  Well, now we are singing the song even more, because we have a few new books from Disney Books!  
We love Doc and I love that the creativity of kids is shown in this character!  Broxton has said at one point he was going to be a doctor when he watched this show...

First book?  Doc McStuffins - Starry, Starry Night  (Ages 3-5)
I LOVED this book!!!!  It starts off with an introduction of the characters on the show, so for you parents /grandparents that aren't familiar, here you go... A cheat sheet!   
Once you start reading the book (it is a Level 1 book,  Beginning Reader... meaning Simple Text.  Word Repetition.  Great for Pre-K through Grade 1)  The book has us seeing Doc getting ready to watch a meteor shower, but the telescope isn't working... Doc and her crew find out what is wrong and get things back to working order, right before the show starts... but the part that makes it even better?  The book ends with Doc giving the kids reading the book tips to protecting their eyes!!!! (I bet you can never in a million years guess the diagnosis... You will have to read the book to find out!)  

The second book for us, Doc McStuffins - Doc's Mobile Clinic  (Ages 3-5)
This book is a great board book perfect for the younger kids... I love how this book starts with Hallie and her really country accent!  "Jumpin' June Bugs!"  Well, Hallie and the other toys load up in Docs mobile clinic and head to the park to help out all of the "sick toys."  From hula hoops to basketballs ... Doc has the answer!  The book ends with Doc giving tips on how to make sure you take care of all of your toy patients!  

The final book we were sent was Doc McStuffins- Brave Dragon  (Ages 3-5)  This book will be available on August 5th, so be ready to grab it when it is out.
This is a Pre 1 level book, meaning it is Reader in training... Pre-K through Kindergarten.  Easy Vocabulary, Word Repetition, Short, Simple Sentences.
This book lets us visit Doc and the toys as they play at the park.  Stuffy gets a bit scared and Doc tells him to be a brave dragon.. This is repeated through the book --  remember this is short words...  simple sentences...
I liked how this book ended with Docs tips on playground safety.
These are great books and I know that we will be reading them over and over again.
Are you familiar with Doc McStuffins?  


  1. These make perfect first reading books!

  2. my kids watch the serioes on TV..it was a good one..

  3. I'm sharing it. I know there are a lot of Doc McStuffin lovers out there who'd love to hear about the books. :)


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