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You would think I would be better at terminology than I am... but I will not even try.. That being said, our bathroom has a nice big tub... but it also has the separate shower that is in the glassed off area.... (Whatever that is called.) Anyways, having that stand alone shower is great, but it also doesn't give much room for my bath products and Marc's too.  
Think about it---  I need shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and face wash... 
He needs his own shower gel and whatever else we think we may need...  All of that and we just have one little square to put everything...  When I was contacted to review the Shampoo and Soap Shower Dispenser by Toilet Tree Products, I was so excited!!!  Marc came home and he was just as excited as I was... It took two of our bottles to eliminate the need for them in the shower.  Of course, I put MY shampoo and My conditioner in there...  
It was so easy, you literally just peel the backing off the tape pieces on the back.  Then stick it to wherever you want it to go...  You can take the top off the containers to fill them (the white part on top) or you can actually slide the whole container off to refill them, whichever is best for you...   For me, I just took the top off, filled it up and went on about my day...  
I was so impressed with them...
Just one push and you got a dime size amount (you know, what the "directions" say... although I never use that little of an amount, I hate to say that outloud!)  Just a couple pumps and I was good to go.  Also, it never leaked!  I was so excited....

Then, it happened.... I was sound asleep and I heard a boom sound.  Scared the crap out of me... I went to see what had happened and sure enough, the whole set had fallen off the wall and was on the ground, shampoo and conditioner coming out all over the floor.
I was so mad.  I cleaned it up and placed the shower organizer in the sink to dry off.
A few days later, I decided to try it again.  The tape to adhere it was still sticky, so why not?
I thought maybe because I tried putting it on the fiberglass (?)  wall that it wasn't a good stick.  (If you can see in my picture, the wall had grooves in it, so it wasn't flush against it all the way...)
This time, I decided to go with placing it on the glass.  I knew for sure that this was going to have no air bubbles or anything, so I was ready for it....
Granted, the time it stayed up was much longer than when I placed it on the wall, but it also fell off.
Let me say that I think that this was a pretty cool product and that I really wish I would have tried placing it in one of our other bathrooms that had the shower curtain and a fan in there... I really do think that it would not stay in that particular shower because of all the moisture.  The bad part?  I can't move it to another shower this time... The tape was still sticky, but the hooks that hold the container to the back were broken off, leaving it not able to be used anymore... 

Would I recommend it?  If you are going to use it in a shower that has a fan to help get rid of moisture, I for sure think it would be great...   Or if you wanted to put it in a bathroom near a sink ... (you can buy a single dispenser)  I say yes... I would buy it...
But, if you are planning on using it in a stand alone shower like we did, I think that it might not be the best for you.  (Even suction cups don't stay on that long in there...)  


  1. Those are nice. To be honest I could use 3 of them. We only have 1 bathroom. The boys have their own soap to.

  2. My parents have one of these and love it, I could definitely use one in my dorm, but not sure if I would have the same issue since there are no fans in the dorm bathrooms (we have our own bathrooms in our rooms)
    and they stay pretty damp.


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