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I have been so blessed that Broxton does not have any known allergies...
I have friends that have kids with allergy issues and it is not a fun thing to deal with.  Even Broxton's school was a "NUT FREE" zone, meaning we could not send any nut products in for meals/snacks.  It really irks me that some parents get so upset about not being able to send their kid a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in for lunch and I have to question... if it was YOUR kid with the allergy, would you still say it was okay for other kids to bring these items in?  There are even some places that have big signs on their door warning of peanuts before you enter the building... I really did not know just HOW BAD it could be until I was able to read THE PESKY PEANUT for a review one time.   For those that have serious allergies, there is a site that is geared to helping making your allergies known and to hopefully prevent any issues.

Let me share a story with you --- WITH PERMISSION...  from one of my "MOPS MOMS."  
Long story short, she gave her son a "fruit and oat" granola bar and it was a new product of a company they were familiar with... He's had that brand before, she was in a hurry and so she just handed it to him in the backseat and didn't read the label. Once home she noticed he was faintly coughing every min or two so she went and read the box and realized in the middle to bottom of the ingredients it mentioned peanut flour. She ended up calling her pediatrician (that told her to give him the EPI-PEN and head to the ER.) They ended up staying in the ER for around 4 hours monitoring him and luckily all was okay... SOME KIDS AREN'T THAT LUCKY.  
Good to know that if you have a kid with a medical condition, you can visit the allermates store and order several items that will help alert those around to the condition. I was thinking of my friend and her son, so I immediately clicked on SHOP BY HEALTH CONCERN (they have it all --- from Asthma to Wheat Gluten Free) Just for Peanut Allergy, they had wristbands, Alert Tags, Survival Kits and even T-shirts! They even have stickers that say " Don't eat me. I'm NOT nut free" and it has a cartoon character of nuts on there inside a stop sign looking sticker! To cover a broader range, they even have snack bags that say " I HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES" and also stickers that say " I have food allergies" and you can check off what allergy they have -- they even have a line for "other" if you need to add your own. The choices they already offer on the stickers are Nuts, Shellfish, Dairy, Peanut, Soy, Wheat/Gluten, and Egg. As I said, I am very blessed that we do not have to worry about any food allergies or other medical issues... but I am happy to know that there was a mom out there that took it upon herself to come up with this site and store to help other families deal with these issues. If you have any medical conditions ... or know of anyone that does, please be sure to share this site with them! This is also a MUST HAVE for those getting ready to put their kids in school for the upcoming year... (Preschool and Nursery counts!)

MyMedimates Website COMING SOON!!!!

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  1. My son had a girl with a dairy allergy in his class last year. It was so hard to remember on snack day (Cheez-Its, nope, yogurt, nope). I got used to it, and started to remember, but it's so easy to forget. The labels are a GREAT idea!

  2. This is great. We don't have any food allergies that are deadly to us. I do know that dairy is something I should avoid. It just hurts my tummy, but I can have it.

  3. Like these for my daughter who is allergic to strawberries


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