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Last week we were able to go to the official opening of Main Event Entertainment in Alpharetta... What you didn't know is that we were there just a few days before learning what all is offered when you have a birthday party there... (You also might not have known that we went back last weekend when my parents came to town...  We really love that place... Also, we had friends that saw our review that headed there today...  we might have tried to meet them, but it was just not happening today.)  
So - today I want to tell you about their birthday party options... 

The day of the party was our first time at Main Event and you pull up to a massive building, it is very festive looking and let's face it... Who isn't ready for a good party??  We invited some of Broxton's friends... They new it wasn't his birthday, but it was just a "celebrate summer" party...  

The building --- Eat Bow Play
You walk in and since we were having a party, we had a party host immediately greet us and start getting names and shoe sizes for the kids...  They had a big plastic bin that they put the kids shoes in, so that when the bowling was over, you could just grab your shoes and get ready to head on over to the next part of the party.  
Just part of the bowling lanes.  There was a whole different area over to the right on the other side of that wall.  

The different seating areas for the bowling party.  
We were throwing a party for 10 kids... so they said we would have 3 lanes.  * The number of lanes depends upon the number of bowlers.*  We were glad that they did 3, 3 and 4- they were able to get a whole game in during the bowling hour.
I did note that when we got to the lanes, they were trying to input the names of the kids...  (Our party was a training event for them to work the kinks out prior to opening...)  I mentioned that I thought it would be best to have them input the names of the guests when they were getting shoes, as to not cut into bowling time for the kids...  
The bowling slide / guide.  
Now, I have NO CLUE what this is actually called, but it is a slide/guide to help those that need a bit of help to get the ball down the lane.  We were able to have one for each lane, so that was a big plus.  It was also pretty cool that they DO OFFER bumpers... and you don't have to have it up for every person.  They let you check off if that particular bowler needs them and then they pop up when it is their turn and then lower when their turn is over.  That was really cool to me, I thought it was all bowlers or none.  (Great for a party with different skilled bowlers!)
The bowling theme that was for our party.
I did think it was absolutely awesome that they did a birthday party theme on the bowling screen...  *When we went back with my parents, we learned that they have TONS and TONS of themes...  and that time we went the TOONS theme... where they had OUR pictures on cartoons.  Talk about a great laugh.  I highly recommend that for EVERYONE to use!!!!
Party table set up.
Once the bowling hour was up, they helped everyone get their shoes and then they returned the shoes to the counter.  I did note that they had all the kids line up and had them go to the bathroom to wash their hands before heading over to the table for the food.  
Their Pizza was very filling...All the parents agreed.
When booking your party, you get to choose what food option you want. (Options are hotdog, burger or pizza.)  We went with pizza (since most kids seem to like it.)  You got to choose between pepperoni, cheese or both... We chose both.   I did like that when they brought the pizza out, they had half cheese/half pepperoni on each one...  The kids ate some and the parents snagged a piece or two as well.  We all agreed, it was delicious and very filling.  With the food choice, you also get to choose 2 drinks.  We went with water and lemonade.  They had several soft drink options, I noted to the party planner that they might want to eventually offer an additional juice as most kids aren't soda drinkers... and just lemonade and water might not please everyone.  
The "free game" zone.  A BIG HIT!!!!
After you eat your food and open gifts or whatever you want to do... The kids each get their game card and at that point, they are free to go to the game room. * Parents, that is when you keep an eye on your kids the most... They are no longer part of the party and are back with you completely now.
They do have a "free game" that is a game on the floor that ALL the kids loved... it had several games and they stayed there for a bit before heading to the arcade.  

A ropes area is an additional package you can add for your party.  It is actually ABOVE the arcade.  
Laser tag is another add on option that you can add to your party.  
My friend and her oldest son enjoying one of the simulator games... They were "riding a roller coaster."
Broxton and a friend riding snowboards!
Another friend and her son driving the Batman race game.
I loved that they had games that both catered to boys and girls... and kids of all ages.  
Broxton by one of his favorite games - the fishing game.
We ended up staying there for I have no clue how long... All the kids had a blast... The parents had a blast too... it was an amazing time and you know I am all about "Making Memories!"  

I will say, I was very impressed with the communication between us during this time... This was the email confirmation telling me what package we had "Booked."
The party package that we went with was called THE BIG BLAST:
*A Party Host to guide you through your event
*One hour of Bowling, including the rental of Bowling Shoes
*45 minutes at a party table with all of your party supplies. This includes plates, cups, napkins, a bundle of five balloons, candles, matches, and a cake cutter. All you need to bring is a cake!
*A Party Menu selection for all of the kids (you choose pizza, hamburgers, or hot dogs for everyone).
*$5 FUNcards for every member of your party to be used in the Arcade.
*Complimentary invitations; you can follow this link to create your own virtual invitations through evite.com.

*** If you are in the area this upcoming weekend (July 11-12th) ***

They have even more excitement planned for their newest location!!!!!

See what is going on:  (This is a tentative plan, so don't hold me to it!)  
Friday we will have two different radio stations broadcasting from 2pm- 8pmOn Saturday we will have the events going from 10am- 4pm and one radio station broadcasting from 2pm- 4pm. On both days we will have a carnival type setting out front of the building with a face painter and a balloon artist. We will also be doing a game called Passport to Fun, which is like a scavenger hunt around the facility and you get a prize once you finish.


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