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Do the little kids in your life ask plenty of questions?  Do you remember the kids in your life asking about everything when they were growing up?  I know that mine does!  Every day is filled with plenty of questions and I try my best to answer them.  I will admit, I am not one that knows it all and I will not try to act like I do (thank GOODNESS for the internet!)  One of the latest books we were recently sent is perfect for us...
Time for Kids - X Why Z Animals ---  Little Kids Ask.  We Answer.
YES!  Just what I need!    

As with most books I love, it is a hard backed book, that has 96 brightly photographed pages to amuse and delight children of all ages...   The contents inside include: Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Arachnids, Sea Animals, Birds and Dinosaurs!  
An example of the inside of this book:
Start of the chapter: How are reptiles alike?
Answer - They are cold-blooded.  They have waterproof skin.  Most lay eggs. 

Then, inside the section of each type of animal, you have other questions..
Some taken from the Mammal section :
Why do house cats arch their back?  Why do cats need whiskers?  Why do cats chase string and other toys? Why do porcupines have quills?  Why do squirrels bury nuts? Why do bears sleep all winter?

Also in each section you will find really cool " X WHY Z FACTS!"
One example - (From the Sea Animals Section .... A crab's gills are on its legs. When crabs are on land, they have to keep their legs wet to breathe.)  

Image - Barnes and Noble


When it comes to the facts, every child wants to know: Why? Now, with X-Why-Z Animals from Time For Kids, young readers-and their parents-can discover the answers. This book satisfies the never-ending curiosity of children, ages 4 to 6.The easy to follow, question and answer format accompanied by colorful photos and illustrations delivers answers to more than 200 questions that kids have about animals!


  1. These books look so fun! We were actually talking about the differences with animals on our trip. Some how we got on the discussion of marsupials, and how they carry their babies around.

  2. My son asks questions all of the time. Sometimes he asks ones I don't know the answer too (good ones too!) and we look them up. :) This book sounds awesome!


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