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Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been characters I have loved for as long as I can remember... 
When we went to Disney, I was so excited for Broxton to get to meet them and as soon as it was his turn, he was dead to the world asleep.  Granted, he was barely over 1, but still... Memories, right?!  
I hear of so many of our friends going to Disney over the summer and I have 3 books to add to your road trip bag if you have a Minnie Mouse fan... 

Up first is the Disney Read and Learn Storybook,  Mickey and Minnie.  This is a hard back book that has over 100 pages inside!  The pages are a thicker stock than basic books, perfect for the young reader in your life.  (Ages 6-8 years)  Inside this book, we get 6 stories!  
The Pet Show, A Perfect Picnic, A Good Day  For A Sail, The Kitten Sitters, A Summer Day and The Birthday Surprise!  

The next book was  titled Minnie and Friends Cookbook.  This is so super cute!!!
It is a perfect book for the little chef in your life...
Inside, we have the Table of Contents:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Breads Sides & Drinks , and finally Dessert.
For reach recipe, you have an amazing photograph of the finished product on one page and then the recipe on the other, not to mention they have illustrations by the recipe with the cute characters making the dish ...  With treats such as Mickey Mouse Club Sandwich, Easy Pea-sy Bow Ties and Cheese or even Daisy's Jitterbug Juice you are sure to have fun!  

The final book to share with you is Minnie In Paris.  To be honest, I have always said I thought it would be beautiful to take a trip to Paris... but we have yet to go, maybe one day...
Until then, I guess I can live through Minnie!
In Minnie in Paris, she heads to Paris for a fashion show and her suitcase gets mixed up.  In trying to get everything back in order, she basically travels all over Paris, and we get to see places such as the Arc de Triomphe, The Seine River and even The Louvre!   

Also, as added bonus, when you buy Minnie in Paris or Mickey & Minnie, your purchase will also include a Disney e-book!  


  1. I like Mickey & Minnie. My daughter had a cute Mickey dress on once (she was maybe 3 or 4) and Mickey took her hand and walked w/her. She was over the moon. :)

  2. Mickey sure has made a come back. I think a lot of kids like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


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