Graduations All Around!!!!

I am not sure how your summer has been going, but ours has been fun... and so very busy!
If you remember, we started summer off with Broxton graduating Preschool and finishing up his first season of baseball....
Then, we have had birthday parties, play dates, getting to go to Comic Con in Atlanta, Lego KidsFest and SO MUCH MORE.....
As I have said, life is about making memories... and I love the opportunities of the memories I am getting to make with him!
One thing that I have yet to share with you???

One of Marc's other boys recently graduated High School!!!
Can you believe it?
One graduating High School while One graduates Preschool... The same year!
Where does the time go????
 Not the best of pictures, but I thought it was a great capture of how exciting that night was!  

Both of the graduates!  
We are so very proud of him and know that there is so much out there for him!   


  1. You can see how much they love each other.

  2. Great picture of the two boys! So sweet how they wrapped their arms around each other.

    Congratulations to both of your graduates!

  3. Those are great pictures! Congrats to both your boys!


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