What Type of Robot Would You Like?

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Robots are pretty cool to me, but lets be honest, it is the kid creations of robots that I love the most.  We were recently sent a Time for Kids Explorers - Robots for review and I hate to say it... but it made me happy and sad at the same time.
It was neat to see the robots of the past --  an automatic man in the 1900's (to pull a carriage)...  a "robot" from a play in the 1920's...  the list goes on and on...
I thought that was neat, but then I started seeing the robots around today...
Fireman robots, Police officer robots, even soldier robots.  I think that is neat, but at the same time, the more the robots do things, the less need of actual humans ... then what will we be around for?  It was pretty cool to see the different ways they have used robots... from "robots that work" to "robots that protect" and even "robots that help."  There are many others, but if I told you all about them, you would not have any surprises when you go through the book!  

After looking through the book, I will say that my favorite section was Robots that Kids Make.  It is so fun to see the creativity that kids have and to see when they follow through and complete things... This book has close to 100 pages and the pages are full of robots for you to enjoy!!!  This would make a fun book to enjoy this summer!!!


  1. That is fun! My boys love robots!

  2. My son would love this, guaranteed. :)

  3. I always prefer the ones kids make too. They are made without guile.

    I"m not one for robots either, unless it's to go into mines and so forth.

  4. This book sounds interesting and fun for the whole family. I know my grandchildren would love looking at it.


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