Babar The Complete Classics Series Season One DVD

I was never one to watch Babar with my brother when he was younger... actually, I can not even remember if he ever watched it...but I have noticed that Broxton and I watch it from time to time...
I was always a bit curious as to how the lady that was human lived with Babar and the other Elephants...
Since Broxton received the Complete First Season Of The Classic Series Babar, I now know!

We received The First Season, so I was able to see how it came to be.
I will tell you this, the first episode deals with the hunter and his mom is killed...
Talk about a bit scary for the kids... Broxton was a bit spooked by it, but I was able to try and talk to him about it... He just kept saying she was hurt, it was like death did not make sense to him...

The episodes include:
DISC ONE: Babar's First Steps
City Ways
Babar Returns
The City of Elephants
Babar's Triumphs
Babar's Choice
Race to the Moon

DISC TWO:No Place Like Home
An Elephants Best Friend
The Show Must Go On
To Duet or Not to Duet
The Missing Crown Affair
The Phantom

I love how you get life lessons with each episode and I of course love how Babar's kids come in to hear a story at bedtime and we get to hear more about Babar's past!
Honestly, minus that first episode with that hunter... I loved them all!  I am really excited that we were able to watch these, as Broxton has enjoyed snuggling up with me and cuddling while we watch... Soon enough those days will be memories, so I will enjoy them now !

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  1. We have a Babar dvd I used to watch all the time as a kid, and a couple of the episodes on tv. Quite curious as to how the lady came to live with the elephants!

  2. I have watched this before. I remember this as a child.


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