Broxton Has a Big Boy Bed With @BeyondBedding

Marc and I have been trying to figure out the right time to put Broxton into a "big boy bed" and with him getting ready to start preschool, we thought it was a perfect time to do so! 
He had been in a toddler bed for a bit, but we wanted to make a big deal out of this, as he is growing up!  
My parents gave him a twin bed with the drawers underneath it and I was able to look to pick out an awesome bedding set for him!  

At first, I was looking online for something for the boys room.  I have a couple idea's in mind (that are some-what in the works...but I still wanted to look at other looks)  I went over to check out the teen bedding sets that Beyond Bedding had and although I loved them...  I did not think it was something that the boys would like... They were super cute sets, just only a couple were what I would think the boys would like, the others seemed to be geared more for girls.

That worked out perfect for Broxton, since I was on this really affordable site, I headed over to look at toddler bedding sets.  

Beyond Bedding had so many cute sets!  I started looking at the firetrucks, as he LOVES them... but then he also loves Pirates, Tractors and pretty much every thing else they had in there... After looking and looking, I finally decided that I was most in love with the All Star bedding, by JoJo Designs. That way, if his love for the others faded, we would not be stuck with this set and him not happy, or having to buy another one.. 
I was eager to see the quality of the product, as I have been irked by some of my decisions in my past.. 

(Case:  Once, I found this AWESOME bedding set for my self.. waited till it was on sale.. bought it..... *they had a no return policy, since it was sale... and got it home... it was the cheapest, poorest quality... I think that was why they had no returns.. as I am sure I was not the only one that was angered by it!  lol)
I was SO HAPPY with our pick for Broxton!
Our package arrived and I was quick to open the box... 

The bed was made and ready to go, just needing the comforter and final touches... 
This comforter is so soft... and I personally think it is so pretty.

I know, pretty might not be the right wording for a boys room, but I love it...

Besides loving the actual product, I love the packaging.  I have had those big bulky bags in the past and really, where do you store them?  I normally just threw them out... Well, with this... I took the items out and was able to fold this storage bag for later use...  We can either use it to store this set when we are finished, or we can use it to pack it up and give it to someone else when Broxton is no longer using it...

The bedding set looks so nice to me.  I love the dark brown.. and the red.  It isn't a bright red, but more of a deep red.  The designs are not to "mature" nor are they "childish"  I think they would fit the sports theme for kids of all ages!
Broxton was so excited to get to try out the "Big boy bed'  He had to lay there and talk about it being nice.. 
Then, daddy wanted to check it out...
I told Broxton that this bed was for HIM ... No one else was to lay in it, so to make sure he did not let anyone else in there... (I was trying to make it special for him.. and also to help set a "rule" so that he would not start asking us to sleep in there with him...)
Since Ashton and Marc were the ones that put the actual BED together, Broxton was eager to show Ashton how it looked all put together... and yes, I walked in to find Ashton laying on the bed... (that rule seemed to have flown out the window for Uncle Ashton!)
We all agree that this is super comfortable and it is so soft ! 
(It is so comfortable that Broxton has tried to carry his comforter to snuggle in other rooms of the house!!!  One morning, we woke up to him dragging his comforter and his stuffed dog out of his room!)
The bedding set came with a comforter, a sham, a window valance and a dust ruffle.  Due to the design on Broxton's bed, the dust ruffle is not being used, so it is in the nice and easy to store storage bag!
Bottom line... Getting ready for the school year or need a great excuse to celebrate the big kid bed move?
Head over to Beyond Bedding for all of y'all to pick out a great bed set!
The prices are great and shipping is only $7.95...
FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation. 


  1. That bedding is cute! I've been looking for something that will work on Mica's bed. I don't want anything to (kid) like. The bedspread we got for him I have never really liked. It looked good online, but it washes horribly. I love Isaak's bedding though.


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