My New Best Friend, His Name Is Hoover

I have determined that I must actually be an adult now! 
Want to know why?

Well, I was recently chosen to be one of the lucky ones to have the chance to review the new Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Cleaner.  I was SO EXCITED when I got the news... To the point that I started somewhat stalking the delivery guy... I did not know who was going to be bringing it, but it was like a kid looking for Santa at Christmas... If I saw a delivery truck, I was peeking out the window to see if he was stopping here... The day it came, I was so stoked!  Like, Marc heard my excitement while he was asleep... so when I ran in there to tell him "IT CAME!" he already knew... 

So, on to my prize... 

We opened the box and took out the pieces.. 
There were really not that many and in just a couple minutes, it was ready to go... 
Those couple minutes also had me turning the water on hot to get it ready to go into the water holding area, adding the cleaning solution and everything. 

We live in an apartment, who really knows when it was last cleaned...  So, I was a bit nervous as to if it was going to work and show results... Well, let me just tell you... I will NOT be posting the dirty water pictures for you to see.. It was bad.  I will say it *has* to be from previous tenants... as I would hate to think that was from us...  Seeing all the dirt and grime in there made me wonder what else was buried in our carpet... 
We moved the area rug and what not and I had a blast cleaning the floors.. Seriously!  
It was easy to do the push, pull, push, pull.. Wet/wet, dry/dry...  I loved the instant result, not only in the carpet, but also seeing the dirty water as it was being pulled FROM the carpet and into the dirty water tank.  

I even cleaned the hall one night when Marc was at work and did not tell him... He noticed when he got home and said it looked as thought we laid new carpet down.  I was surprised at how much better it actually did look....  The carpet was lighter and brighter, thanks to all the crud being removed... but it also was fluffy and full of life again!!!

Having never owned a carpet cleaner before (just having the professionals come clean when we renewed our lease) this was a nice way to clean and make the room just look so much better! 

Oh, there is even an attachment tool for us to be able to use this to clean our couch... When Broxton naps, he sometimes drools.. so we have little wet spots on there... this will get them all out (I used it on the arms to see how it worked, just have not done the seats yet!)
Dirty Above... Clean Below :)

So, let me try and summarize this for you:
We opened the box, put it together super fast...  
I started cleaning the floor... IMMEDIATE results...(clean carpet and dirty water IN the tank... NO, I will not embarrass myself and post those pictures.)

Fast drying time had Broxton able to play on the floor in record time.  
Easy to dump the dirty water and go back to more cleaning... 
Then, once it is time to put it up, it is so easy... 

You just take a couple pieces off... rinse them out... let them dry... and then put back together... 

I will tell you that I am an idiot though... I was getting so mad and frustrated when it came time to put it together... I could not figure it out for the life of me... I could not do it... I was irked like you do not know... 
Then, I looked at the book and realized, yep.. I'm a dummy... it was so simple, I was just doing it all backwards!  ha ha ha... 
So, snap, snap... All done and ready for the next time I need it! 

Now that I have this and can not stop singing it's praises.. 
I have my mom needing me to come clean her carpet and a friend already wanting to borrow it! 

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own


  1. WOW that is a difference! I don't have carpet. We actually need to have our wood varnished once again.

  2. How much do these run? We need one so bad! My son's oatmeal spilled on the carpet today and left a hard spot. I'm sure it will come in handy.


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