Need A Drink and A Laugh? Mommy Mixology Is the Cure

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Ever read a book and just crack up laughing?  
I just did as I read through the Mommy Mixology book.

If you are throwing a baby shower (or know someone who is) this is a great gift for them.  
Not only will they be able to rock the mommy cocktails for the shower (great sounding non-alcoholic drinks)  but they can then turn around and pass it along to the mommy to be, as she really will enjoy it.

I think it would also be funny for the guests to flip through, find a great drink and if they are moms themselves have them share a story to relate to it as well.

I was cracking up from the first page all the way until the end.  
This book is more than just a mixology book, it also contains short stories that will have you reliving your days of mommyhood as well!
Mommy Mixology starts when she finds out she is pregnant... 
Remember those days when all your friends were celebrating throwing back cocktails of your great news? (Well, they did when I shared our news, but remember I worked in a sports bar at the time...)
While others are enjoying alcohol, take care in knowing you can enjoy a drink as well... 
How about the Paddy O'Preggo?  Ha ha ha... The names alone have you laughing, but the stories that accompany them will have you rolling!

Chapter Two has you heading into babyhood and you are sure to have flashbacks...

Colicky Cider or Spit 'Em Up Sour are sure to bring back "those" memories!
As the times change, Chapter Three brings you into the toddler years and wow... 
The Princey Plumber had me remembering Broxton trying to flush the remote down the toilet... Or maybe the Markerita when he decided that he wanted to be a tattoo artist... 
Yes, this book is full of them!  

We are currently entering Chapter Four at our house, the preschool years...
Oh, how I am so excited and dreading this all at the same time!
The Big Sloppowski has me realizing I have been away from the scene too long, as I had no clue that there was as Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka... WHAT?!
Finally, the book ends with Chapter Five, Kindergarten.  
Yes, the Kindergarten Kooler sounds refreshing and isn't that far into the future!

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