Memories For A Lifetime : Field Day and A Coke

Are you on of the millions of people that just so happens to be watching the Olympics?
We are really getting into them!
Actually, Broxton has been excited to see the "Pa-Infents" every time they come on!
From the opening ceremony, until now, we have watched at some point each day!
I learned more about my husband too, I had no clue that he would genuinely take an interest in each sport... from Boxing (that was a given) to the trampoline (okay, let me be honest, I had no clue they even HAD trampoline as a sport)  we are loving it...
Side note, (totally time for me to toot my own horn here)  I met an Olympian once...
Yes, true story!    A friend and I went to Seattle on vacation one year and we went over to her aunt and uncles house for dinner... Her younger cousin came in (for just a bit and then was out the door to go practice) and we had a brief meeting... Well, how about that little cousin that I met those years ago...
Just happens to be COURTNEY THOMPSON...   Number 17 on the Womens Volleyball Team!  

In keeping with the Olympic Spirit... Coca Cola is giving you a chance to do something pretty awesome !
Currently, you can enter on the My Coke Rewards site to try and win a day to remember for your child's school.  Not only would they have an opportunity to meet an Olympic Athlete, they would also have one of the most memorable Field Days they could imagine!  

Coca-Cola is providing a chance to win a Field Day at your child’s school with Olympian David Oliver. For rules go to .

Think about it, how awesome would it be to not only have a great field day... but to also have a great field day and have an honest to goodness Olympic Athlete there to help you have fun?! That, my friend, is what memories are totally made of! 

Looking to find our more about this?
Just head over to the My Coke Rewards page for information and rules... 

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  1. We are definitely watching the whole thing as much as we can. I love the Olympics!

    And that is so cool that you met that Olympian.

    And I love the idea of the Cola campaign!

  2. I didn't know the trampoline was in the Olympic either. We have loved the track and field events.

  3. I didn't know they had a trampoline sport until you just told me!

  4. I think Broxton is just too cute to love the Olympics!
    I'm with you - who knew trampoline was a sport???
    They look like they are having too much fun to getting scored or getting medals. =)
    Enjoy the closing ceremonies with your family.


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