College In Sight? Save Money With @textbookrentals

In keeping with my whole Back To School Bash, I get to share with you a pretty cool company that I recently had the chance to work with... Campus Book Rentals.
Wow, how the times have changed since my college days...
 I know when I was in college, things were so different!
Here I go.... Ha ha ha...
"Back in my day" we had to go to the book store...
Our books were RIDICULOUSLY priced... It was around $100 (sometimes less, most times more) for a single book.  We would use it for the quarter/semester and then when it was time to sell them back, they would only want to pay us like $20-$40 for the book... That they turned around and raised the prices on.  Sometimes we were lucky and we knew a kid taking the class that we could sell our used books to them and try to make back some of the money that we lost... But then you had the whole changing of the books that made ours no longer in use on our campus... 
It was always so frustrating, so when my kid brother started college, I was all too familiar with his pain.. 
Then, Campus Book Rentals came into the picture for us this year and things are looking up!
Actually, he is in graduate school now...  He starts in like a week.
Well, he went to get his books and to buy one new it was around $200.  He could buy it used for around $175 and then he could rent it for around $125.  He ended up renting it.  I told him about Campus Book Rentals so we came online to see about his other book that he has not been able to get.. 
We looked it up based upon the ISBN and sure enough... there it was... 
He could rent it for several different lengths of time...
(Semester, Quarter or for the Summer, each time frame had a different price rate.)
He chose to rent it for a Semester... but then if he needs to rent it longer, there is an option to do so later... Also, we learned if he then decides he wants to buy it, he can do that later on in the year if he chooses.  
The book that he didn't have yet, yeah.. we rented it at Campus Book Rentals.. 
(Yes, you can highlight in there if needed, not a big deal!)
It ended up being $52 with the rental, taxes and to add protection to it!  
We both loved that there was several shipping options.  
You could choose FREE shipping, I think it was like 1-2 weeks shipping...
Or you could pay for 2 different options to speed the shipping process.
He was worried about how to get it shipped back.
Their website says that you will get a postage paid label and envelope when your book arrives... 
When you are finished with it, just place it in the envelope and mail it back to them.
(They will also email you a reminder of when it is due beforehand!)

I think this is a great way to help students with the price of college these days.... 
I sure wish that they had this when I was around!  I can still pull out a couple books from my days, I wouldn't sell them back for basically nothing, so I kept them... I know.. I know...  But still... I might need them one day (They are my photography books!)
Bottom line, if you are looking to Rent Textbooks, you need to look at Campus Book Rentals.  
Also, be sure to sign up to follow them on twitter and like them on facebook.
With so many people using social media, they are holding contests and what not...
Who doesn't love that?!

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  1. We've been trying, but so far no luck on them having the textbooks we need.

  2. I wrote about them to. My students have odd books since it's for an art college. Not typical text book material. I think that company is a great idea though!


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