The Artisan Soda Workshop

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If you are a fan of flavored drinks, you will want to look into The Artisan Soda Workshop.  
There is no secret that we are big fans of soft drinks here... 
We have a Soda Stream and I love it.. 
(Not to worry, these recipes sound like you could just buy a bottle of seltzer water and mix all sorts of tasty drinks at home!)

This book is pretty neat in that you can make these syrups and use them to make delicious tasting drinks.. You can also use it to create other flavorful dishes.
As I was reading some of these, I was thinking back to the days when I worked in the bar and how I bet that they would have been popular alcoholic beverages as well!
I love how they are SIMPLE recipes (you know I am not one for cooking, mixing or anything like that)
I also love they call for FRUIT.  FRESH FRUIT!
(Example, strawberry, lemon juice, water, raw cane sugar and seltzer... Yes, that is the ingredients for one of the recipes! Easy things that are easy to get, not that you will have to go searching all over the country to find  and make for your pleasure!)

Let me give you a small look into what all is actually inside this book.  
Homemade Soda Copycats:
From Cherry Cola to Orange-Cream Syrup, I am pretty eager to taste several of these out!  
Soda Adventures with Herbs and Spices: 
From Mint Syrup to Plum-Vanilla Syrup, sounds like a couple of these would be great ice cream toppings!  
Cherries and Berries: 
Blackberry-Lavender Syrup and Kiwi-Strawberry?  You have my attention!
Seasonal Suds: 
Banana-Brown Sugar Syrup?  This sounds toasty and yummy!
Aqua Frescas and Shrubs: 
Fizzy Cucumber- Mint Aqua Fresca sounds rather tasty to me, doubt Marc would like it.  
Fizzy Teas, Floats, and Alcohol-Enhanced Dazzlers:
Pina Colada's to Margarita's...  No lie, the Fizzy Bloody Mary sounds pretty exciting! 
Oh, did I mention they give you a recipe for a PB&J shake?

This would be a great addition to your kitchen, not to mention it is small in size (but not information) so you do not have to worry about it taking up much space!

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  1. This is so neat! We have a soda stream here and my mom is always making her own random flavors, possible birthday gift right there :P


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