Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins with SkinnyGirl Daily

I always have a hard time remembering to take pills...
Be it prescription medicine, or vitamins, they just do not get taken on a daily basis.. 
When I saw that  Bethenny Frankel  had created Skinny Girl Daily ... I was eager to try it out.. 
I mean, just mix a packet in your water and you are good to go?!
Sounds easy enough...
I will admit, I am not a fan of the flavors too much... But I have noticed that lately with several different drinks... The berry used to be ones I enjoyed, but lately, they have all had a weird after taste to them.  It is still easy to chug a water to get the vitamins (and daily water amount) in me...
I did like that it was easy to just dump the packet, shake and go...
They come in several flavors, all with a different result in mind.
The different packets include: 

+Energy & Alertness
For days when extra energy feels unattainable, reach for +Energy & Alertness to give you a boost of power. With Green Tea Extract and extra Vitamin B12 in a delicious Strawberry Lemonade flavor, Skinnygirls will be able to tackle the day while receiving their daily dose of vitamins and electrolytes.

+Immunity’s 1,000mg of Vitamin C and Elderberry fruit extract will strengthen a Skinnygirl’s immune system when she can’t slow down, despite being under the weather. In a tangy Tangerine flavor, obtain a boost of health and be on the road to improved well-being.

+Stress Relief & Calm
To relax during a stressful day, add a packet of +Stress Relief & Calm to water for a soothing effect. Perfect for at night or during a mid-day break, Chamomile and Rhodiola, in a delightful Blueberry Lemonade flavor, will calm your mind when you need it.

+Hair Skin Nails
For the Skinnygirl who wants to achieve maximum health both inside and out,+Hair Skin Nails will contribute to stronger hair and nails and will brighten your complexion with Biotin. The sweet Wild Berry flavor will enrich your insides while benefiting your appearance.

+Variety Pack
Reach for a variety pack when you never know what the day may hold. Whether you may need additional energy, a boost to your immune system, or a calming aid, the variety pack will benefit every Skinnygirl, no matter what.

A box of Skinnygirl™ Daily Vitamin Power Packets contains 30 on-the-go packets, each with 3g of vitamin powder. For more information and to purchase, visit

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