Coco from @fuzzyflyers has the whole family laughing! #JBGiftGuide16

You know how you get a toy that is for little kids and then the big kids enjoy it just as much?
Yeah... that is what happened when COCO the Barking Babbling Dog from Fuzzy Flyers.  When it showed up at the door, I thought it would be a great gift for Savannah to go under the tree... but then she has been sick off and on for what feels like forever, so I thought it might be a nice treat to give it to her early.

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So let me tell you what happened.  Like I said, it has been a rough couple months, so I wanted to try and cheer her up.  She was so excited to see her new puppy and she kept loving on Coco over and over again. Then, the fun began!!!! 
Coco the barking babbling dog was ready to play, dance, party!
It says it is for ages 3+, but I thought it would be fine if I watched her with it.  

Fuzzy Flyers has Coco the dog and Chirpie the bird.  They are so much more than just a stuffed animal. It has 2 games you can play.  One is where you roll it and it barks until you pick it up... She was NOT a fan of that one and actually would not go near the dog at first when it was barking. She just looked at it and came to me. I think she might have been scared.
The other game is where the teens came in to enjoying it too.  It is where you throw it up in the air and shake it down low... You also pat it.  Then pass it to a friend. The more you do it, the faster it goes, then it slows it back down.  If you don't do it right, it buzzes and the game ends.  Savannah likes dancing to that one and all the older kids have actually enjoyed playing it while they have been here for Christmas break!

My favorite picture of her playing with Coco. She seems to love it at her age and the older ones love it too.  We have had fun playing it as a family and solo.  This would be a great addition to any house and when you hear a dog repeating "bacon! bacon!" or "brownies" you know its a fun time!   For $24.99 I think Fuzzy Flyers will be bringing Coco the barking babbling dog into many homes this holiday!  It is a great investment for good, clean, family fun!  


  1. I didn't always go by the ages on things. My nephew Edison is getting something that's for ages 3 and up. He's 2. He has older brothers, and plays with little things all the time. He thinks he is a big boy.

  2. Oh my sweetness. I need one for my baby grand.


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