Heads up! @PercyVites now has #Shopkins!!!!

Are you familiar with Shopkins?  I guess they are really popular these days, but they are totally new on my radar.  Over Halloween, I saw kids getting all excited over these costumes, I had to look at the tags to see it was Shopkins related!

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Now, did you know that Shopkins is available on PercyVites?  
PercyVites offers quick, convenient and efficient party planning all with a click of a button and is now offering the popular Shopkins™ license to their roster of personalized invites and thank yous.
Nobody loves a party more than PercyVites and in honour of this celebratory time of year, Cakes.com, PercyVites and Shopkins have come together to make party planning easier than ever all while getting your little one excited about party shopping and wanting to help.

I guess I should ask...
Are you familiar with PercyVites?  That was another new one for me as well.
It is sort of like a one stop shop for all your party needs!
With PercyVites you make cool personalized video invitations for the party.  Then, since you need to make sure to thank your guests, you can also make personalized thank you ecards!  
Since I was talking about Shopkins at the beginning, you know that they have kid favorites, but just so you know, they also have adult themes as well! 

More about PercyVites: 
Percyvites Makes Party Management ENJOYABLE
It's EASY with the PercyVites guest management dashboard.
See who has accepted your invitation
Communicate with guests via Percy's Party Dashboard
Map your party & guests can add it to their calendars

Please click over to the PercyVites Shopkins link to see just how cute the invites are!
Where was this cool technology when I was a kid?????


  1. I've not heard of this before, but I love finding new places. It's good to have the convenience.

  2. The little girl across the street left hers here when she was playing, and my son fell in love with it, hhahhaha. They are cute. I haven't heard of PercyVites until now. I love coming over here and learning about new things!

  3. I've never heard of this. That's pretty fun! I usually make my own, but this is pretty handy to access!


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