Han's Old Fashioned Crumb Cake for the win!

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Now that things are pretty much set for the holidays, you need to make sure you have a gift covered for the host or hostess for your get togethers.   I am not one to cook and bake things, but I try my best to make a good Christmas meal.  As far as the dessert, I leave that up to buying something at the stores.  I have tried, I really have... but it just isn't meant to be for me to be in charge of making something.

Want to know what I have found that is absolutely AMAZING?  Han's Old Fashioned Crumb Cake.  You order it online and ship it fresh to them. You can set up a date you want and then give them a card telling them that once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, you have an amazing treat headed there way.  The instructions? 

They need to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee or tea, or milk or juice, or whatever they fancy... enjoy their delicious crumb cake and think about all of the fun memories that were made over the last couple months.

People get so busy and so worked up that once it is all over, it is that... over and in the past. They don't take the time to think about all of the fun memories and what joy it all actually was.  If you send them Han's Old Fashioned Crumb Cake with specific instructions, they will have the time to do so! 

Image Credit - Hans

I was so surprised how fresh this was when it arrived.  No lie, you would have thought it was made fresh in my kitchen.  It was soft and perfect. I thought for sure you could tell it had been shipped, but not a chance!!!  I was sent the variety pack.  It included: 
Crumb, Chocolate and Raspberry Crumb Cake.  I loved each of them and still can not tell you which is my favorite.  This would be perfect to send a family, or to send someone that you can not decide which one flavor to get.  
While you are ordering, make sure to order the bucket of crumbs (for you) I won't judge! You know the crumbs on top are amazing, well they know this too, so they have created just the crumb toppings available to purchase as well!

I am telling you, this makes a great gift and I know I would be thankful for it to arrive at my house!  


  1. Yummy! There was a cake that kept getting taken at our White Elephant gift exchange at work.

  2. Oh I wouldn't mind having some yummy right now!


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