Make plans to have a #WinterAdventure at @LanierIslands

How is the weather where you are?  It doesn't appear that we will be getting snow anytime soon here, if any at all, so it was nice to be invited to Lanier Islands Winter Adventure to play in their snow! Lucky for us, Broxton was able to bring a friend for a night of fun and fun is what we had!!!!  If you have the chance, take the family for a night of fun and memories to last a lifetime! 

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Lanier Islands has their Winter Adventure perfectly set up.
Once you enter, you get to enjoy lots of beautiful lights as you drive through.   7 miles of wonderful lights, to be exact!!!!! They are gorgeous and Savannah kept making all sorts of exciting sounds seeing the lights for the first time.  Once we got to the actual "winter adventure" there was a gorgeous tree we had to get a photo in front of.  Pretty cool to see the Ferris Wheel too! 

As we were ready to head off on our adventure, Olaf came out and since we ALL LOVE WARM HUGS, we had to get our picture with him!!!!   

Lanier World has smores stations set up, but the kids were too busy wanting to see the snow than to worry about the food. SHOCKER there... but hey, they are kids!   

Sledding down the hill over and over again was amazing for them and to see their faces light up and hear their shrieks of laughter. That, my friends, is what it is all about!!!!
Broxton loved riding the rides.  They have a few different ones scattered around.  They enjoyed this tilt-a-whirl kind that was spinning teddy bears.  They LOVED the bumper cars and there was one that was sort of like a racing game that had the cars lined up going around the track, but when you make the turn, you are in for a surprise.  Remember the silly houses from the fair as a kid?  Like the spinning tunnel to go through and the funny floors?  They had that and watching him go through it was hilarious!  
Of course the most fun was when they were in the "snow."  Savannah wasn't sure what to think. She liked it and wanted to hang with the big kids, but after a few minutes, we had to get her back to being dry and warm.  The boys loved it though.  (We had them bring a change of clothes to dry off and warm up for the ride home.)

Fun times in the snow.  Every time Broxton sees the commercial for Lanier World, he HAS to tell everyone that he was there.. and how much he LOVED the sledding!!! There is SO MUCH to do. I hate that we did not do much, but when they wanted to do the sleds over and over again, I knew that was a win for them.  
They also have a Santa's workshop station.  Again, sleds were calling their name, so we quickly rushed past it.  But hey, its there!!!!   

Finally, to round out our night... We let the kids go "bubble skating" as we headed out.  They were thrilled to get out there and it was cute to see them trying their best.  Might have hung to the edges, but they eventually let go and went out on their own.  Like I said, there is so much to do, but we had priorities as to sledding and bubble skating.  That was the main thing on their agenda, so that was what we did.
Make sure you head to the Lanier World site to see what all they do offer.  While there, look at their calendar to see what date works best for you! I am sure you will love it as much as we did!   


  1. That looks like such a fun place. I wanna go there!

  2. We had fake snow in Florida for years at an annual park event. Then when we went north the kids were so excited to be in it for real. Me? Never. I liked sledding but the cold kills me. Love htese pics, I'm glad you had fun!


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