TeenyMates has something for the sports collectors!

Are you working on finishing up your Christmas shopping? If you have young ones, old ones or any in between, you will absolutely LOVE the items coming from Teeny Mates these days! I know Broxton is going to be excited, but honestly, there is no age limit on these things!

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Up first I want to share with you that the NFL TeenyMates that we love so much can now be purchased as a 32 piece pack instead of just the packs of 2 that were in the past.  Broxton is going to be so excited to know he now has the whole collection!
In the packaging for you to wrap.

I took it out of the box for you to see the whole set (and the complete puzzle!)

One of the TeenyMates beside a HotWheel car for size comparison.

Now, new from TeenyMates- The have Mad Lids.  Yes!  I know many guys that have hat collections, well this would be great to add to their "man cave!"  They are small.  They have little display stands that show the team on the front. Perfect for all ages! 
Each Mad Lids package comes with 2 hats and 2 stands.  The stands are blank, but you can add the included stickers to show the team represented.  Also, the stands connect on the side for easy display. 

Savannah has enjoyed playing with Broxtons starting hat collection.

Finally, TeenyMates now has WWE wrestlers!  You know that we have been fans of the WWE for years, so I know this will be fun. Broxton has not seen these yet, so I can't wait to see his excitement when he opens this up!  
The WWe collection comes in a nice metal tin for storage. You know that makes this mama happy!

The WWE TeenyMates come in blind packages with 2 figures per package.  

They have a cardboard display stand for you to place each of your wrestlers once you collect it.   I love that it has the names of each one, so you know who you are missing.  

I can not wait to see Broxton's face on Christmas when he opens this up!  The "blind bags" add so much fun for the collection and I know he will be thrilled finally having all of the NFL. I love that TeenyMates has made it a point to be high quality to stand up to the rough playing of my "baby" boy over the years. To us, they are perfect for playing or for collecting!
Head on out and grab a few sets for someone you know today! 


  1. I forgot about these! My son had some, I think we got them after reading about them on your blog a long time ago, if I'm not mistaken! They were left behind in the move, along with so many other toys. I should get my son some for his birthday because he'd be delighted to have some more of those now!

  2. I bet my nephew Elijah that's Isaak's age would like these. He gets super into sports.


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