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Want to know how to score major mom points?  Give out just the coolest sunglasses and you will be pretty awesome!  Let me just tell you now, Broxton knows how to push my buttons and he can drive me bonkers on some days, but at the end of it all, he has a heart of gold and is a great kid.  I love the pure enjoyment and excitement in his eyes and voice when he get a treat and that was my excitement when he was able to open up the new Sun-Staches we received for review.
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In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by all the different styles of Sun-Staches that they had.  I was going to see about ordering him Pokemon ,since we know all the kids love them... but then I thought about some cool ones for the holidays.  Want to know what I went with?
I went with the Five Nights at Freddy's Foxy Glasses. I am not here for you to judge me, as I know not everyone is a fan .... I personally don't like the game, and he is not allowed to play it... but he does like the characters and it is REALLY POPULAR right now, so I figured we could meet in the middle, no game for him, but he could have something from the game.  Win - Win for us both. His excitement (and surprise) when he opened it was worth it all.   

For the little miss, we went with super hero glasses for her!  Isn't she just too cute as SuperGirl?  The glasses say 3+, but I knew if big brother had cool glasses, she was going to want his. This way, she has her own and all is okay.  She is a big girl you know, not a baby these days!!!!

I think the glasses are cute and stylish.  If it is cool and popular, tend to bet that Sun Staches has glasses for them, or are more than likely working on obtaining a license to do so!
They have Santa and reindeer for the holidays.  They have peppa pig and super heroes for my little princess.  They have Five Nights at Freddy's and Pokemon for my little boy that is growing up too fast.  These glasses are great for kids and adults that love to have fun!  I think they would be fun to buy for Christmas gifts or just because you are awesome! Thanks SunStaches for such an awesome product!  You helped me earn cool points!


  1. I got my kids sunglasses for their stockings. They only had little kid ones. Mica's growing up - sigh! Things are changing for what I'm buying him. He got a big boy wallet. His wallet had pirates on it from before. Kind of too kid like for middle school. I also gave him a big boy sleeping bag. A fun sleeping bag with garden pop-up bugs isn't "cool" for 6th grade. My little boy is now a big boy.

  2. Oh they are so adorable!
    This would make nice stocking stuffers!

  3. ha, look at 'em being all cute together. Great accessories!


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