Arm and Hammer Stocking Stuffers

Looking for stocking stuffers?
Arm and Hammer has you covered!!!

We found out that Arm and Hammer had a tooth brush called, Tooth Tunes.
Well, as soon as we learned that the song played "We Will Rock You" I knew that it was something Broxton would love! 
As soon as it came, we had to go brush our teeth!
It is a kids toothbrush that plays 2 minutes of a song for you to brush your teeth.  They have 9 songs to pick from, so I am sure they will have one to get you going.
Broxton has LOVED brushing his teeth with the new toothbrush, although we normally have to brush more than once, since he does get sidetracked singing and dancing! 
We even had to take it for show and tell to school.  No, I did not let him take it... I took it in, IN A ZIP LOCK BAG when I picked him up and we "showed" his friends...  It made a lasting impression, as when I went to get him the other day, they were asking if I brought the tooth brush back again!

Not wanting to leave mom out, I was sent a Spin Brush for my mouth to have a happy smile!
I was also sent their Whitening Booster.  I am excited to try this out, as you just add it to the top of your toothpaste.  I love that I don't have to worry about any messy strips or doing any other steps..
I just prepare my toothbrush as normal and then add equal amount of the Whitening Booster to the toothpaste!  How awesome is that?!
If you want to purchase one of the toothbrushes I mentioned, they had a coupon on their site to help you save a little money.
With all the sweets and what not we all will be enjoying this holiday, why not take care of your mouth with a stocking stuffed full of these great products?!
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  1. I saw this and considered putting one in my daughter's stocking. I opted out because she's 13, but what are stocking stuffers for, if not a little fun? I may grab one on my shppping trip today.

  2. I love the idea of putting fun tooth brushes in stockings! I love to promote healthy habits!


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