Dragons: Riders of Berk

I am not sure how we missed the "How to Train Your Dragon" bandwagon.. But yep, it seems we did..  Until now!!!  We watched it a couple weeks ago and I tell you, I was just as into watching it as Broxton was! 
When I had the chance to review Dragons: Riders of Berk, you know I jumped on that one! Not sure if it was more for Broxton or for myself... but we will say it was for "the family!" 
Broxton and I watched the other day and I thought it was pretty funny.  To the point that I turned it on and had it going for Marc to watch with Broxton once!  I kept hearing a chuckle coming from Marc, so it is not only for kids, its also amusing to adults as well!

Little did I know that the "How to Train Your Dragon" movie is actually a TV series now, called...
Dragons: Raiders of Berk.
This DVD is a short one, with only 4 episodes, but the great thing is now knowing that there are more available to watch online.
If you have a "dragons" fan, I highly recommend getting this to add to your collection.

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