Live Clean Baby NOW At Walgreens

If that picture doesn't just suck you in, I am not sure what will!!!!
Live Clean Baby is now available at Walgreens and I am a happy lady!!

I know that I don't technically have a "baby" anymore...
But, we want another and Broxton will always be my baby!  Yep, I am pulling terms my mom has used that I said I would never use... 
We were just sent the cute line of Live Clean (Baby) and let me tell you... the packaging is adorable with the simple white with blue accents and an adorable duck on it... It looks like products that you would purchase from one of those baby boutiques.... but they are sold at Walgreens (and the price reflects that of Walgreens and not the pricey boutiques!)

We were sent the whole Live Clean Baby Collection (shampoo, wash, lotion, non-petroleum jelly, bar soap and diaper ointment) and as much as I love lotion, I didn't worry about not having a baby here, I used it for myself... Yes, I then used it on Broxton, but I loved how it soaked right into my skin and left a nice, subtle scent! 
We have also used the shampoo and the wash. 
The thing I love the absolute most?  The fact that a day later, I can still hug on Broxton and smell the cleanliness of the shampoo!!!  The soap is made with Shea Butter and is totally being used by me.  I love how is soothes my skin and I need to start using it on Broxton.  With the colder months, I really need to use this with him to hopefully help keep the eczema under control!
We have a new baby in the family, so I am giving them the diaper ointment and the non-petroleum jelly!
Live Clean is a line that is from Canada... and the Baby line has just made its way to the USA.  As impressed as I was with the baby line, I am even more eager for their other product lines to come over!!!!!

Make sure you visit the Walgreens site to see which products are available in your local store. 
No need to worry if it isn't available there, as long as you order by midnight on Wednesday December 19th, you will be good to go, as it will arrive by December 25th. 

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