Softsoap Body Wash for the Holidays

I love to relax when I can. One thing I enjoy is nice, hot showers! 
I do have to have certain scents for certain times though.....
I was sent two Limited Edition Scents from Softsoap and I have to tell you, they were both wonderful.  I did think that they were both pretty mild, you know... when I opened and did the "sniff test" with them as soon as they arrived.

I am normally one for peppermint scents in the morning, but since it was so mild, I thought it would be a nice smell to have as I got ready for bed one night... Only problem was, it was not so mild when I put a nice sized dollop on my bath sponge! 
It wasn't overly strong, but it was invigorating enough that it was quickly moved to my morning bath wash of choice!   I LOVE the scent of the SoftSoap Wintermint Wonderland in the morning and it is so creamy and moisturizing!!!!
The other scent, Enchanting Sugar Plum is also a great scent!  I was trying to figure out the way to describe it, as it is a great one to use at night as I get ready for bed.  (No, I do not take 2 baths every day, but it is nice to do so from time to time! )
I really enjoyed them both and although I realize they are scents for the holidays, I will miss them when they are gone, as they really are great scents!!!!
Both scents are available at our home away from home, Wal-Mart, so I need to stock up while they are still carrying them! 
From their press release:
Softsoap® brand Wintermint Wonderland Celebrate the magic of winter with the new Softsoap® brand Limited Edition Scentsations Wintermint Wonderland body wash. Conjure images of a snowy wonderland as this pure white pearlescent formula infuses your shower with an alluring wintermint scent. The moisture-rich formula will leave skin feeling soft and smooth throughout the season’s festivities. Available at Walmart until December 2012. Suggested Retail Price: $3.48

Softsoap® brand Enchanting Sugar Plum
Visions of winter will dance through your head as the irresistible fragrance of the new Softsoap® brand Limited Edition Scentsations Enchanting Sugar Plum body wash fills your shower. This new variant is formulated with suspended moisture beads to help skin stay soft and supple; while the irresistible fragrance of festive berries and gourmand notes instantly transport you to cozy winter days of sitting by the fire and sipping hot chocolate. Available at Walmart until December 2012. Suggested Retail Price: $3.48

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


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