Building and Growing @Lowes With Daddy

My blogger friend Alissa at Planet of the Apels has blogged numerous times about the Lowes Build and Grow events.
They take their boys there and we decided to check it out...
Image Credit: Lowes
Lowe's Build and Grow is really impressive to me.
It is basically a fun time for the kids and their parent (or other guardian) to enjoy time together... and they also get to work on a project and have something to show for it.

Broxton was able to go with Marc to one of them.  They worked together and built the sled from Rise of the Guardians.  It was funny, as Broxton keeps saying he wants to see this movie and then they built that... so he knew what he was doing, from the previews of the movie he keeps seeing.
That particular Lowe's had a decent turnout.  They had everyone at a couple tables over in a side aisle.  There were several moms there with their kids... and also dads there with their kids as well.
Broxton was given a pair of safety goggles and an apron to look official. 

Daddy showed Broxton how to lay everything out and read the directions.  (Glad to show him what to do, since we know that Marc never actually reads directions!  I have determined that no MALE that is in my family actually reads directions! )

Daddy works on showing Broxton how to hammer in the nail. 

Broxton observing his finished project!

We had a great time doing this.. and Broxton has enjoyed playing with his sled once we returned home!  Head over and sign up for the Lowe's Build and Grow events at your local Lowes! 
This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share our fun! 
Thanks Alissa for sharing such a great event!!!!
Make sure to come back tomorrow to see about Broxton's build and grow with his Papa. 


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