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If you are anything like me, you have a million pictures on your computer. 
Well, let me clarify.
I HAD a million pictures on my computer.  Then, my computer died.

Know what I needed?  Picture Keeper.

It is basically an easy way for ANYONE to back up their photos! 
Picture Keepers come in several different sizes.
You can choose between the PK4 (holds around 4,000 pictures) all the way up to a PK Pro(holds around 250,000 pictures) 
If you have someone in your life like my mom, this would be a great gift.
She knows pretty much NOTHING at all about technology, so this would be awesome...

To use the picture keeper, you just plug it in to the USB port on your computer.
(The picture keeper is small, smaller than a tube of lipstick.  I do like that it comes with a cord on the end, as to keep it from getting lost! )  Then, the picture keeper searches your computer and copies your photo to it.  Don't worry, it does not duplicate and when you plug it in next time, it just copies what has been added since the last time you used it!
That simple!  No downloading and installing any program.  Nothing at all, you literally just plug it in and your are done!

With something this easy, I think more people should have this...
Especially since your computer might die (like mine did) and then you have to worry about your photos!
This would be a great gift for a kid off at college, to newly weds, parents, grandparents, teachers and more! 
Click HERE to see where you can purchase locally.
Side note, they are Atlanta based, so that makes me proud!  LOCAL! 
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  1. I really want to get a picture keeper for my husband who is always taking pics and no way to back them up. We lost a lot of pics when my computer had to be reset to factory default and I was so upset! This would be awesome

  2. This is a great idea. I worry about the pictures getting lost. Or when we switch computers, not getting them all.


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