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Hang on to your hats, guys and gals!!!!
I have a product to tell you about!  I recently heard of a drink that I was eager to tell you about...
Luckily I was able to review it so get ready to say, " I need to run to the store!"

Cordina is a company based out of New Orleans. 
Yep, I know I have your attention now!   They are in the business of making frozen drinks!  Think of a "Juice Box" for adults.
Cordina is the name, is their site.
They have Mar-Go-Rita's, Pina-Go-Lata, Daiq-Go-Ri and Choc-Go-Late flavors sure to make your taste buds fall in love.
Each of the pouches have a 6% alcohol base and are in easy to carry pouches. 
Let me point out a few things I like about these. 
One - they have screw top lids.  That way, if you want to drink some now and save some for later... (I know, you might not want to, but it would be nice to share)  you can do it with no mess. 
Two - they have great flavors.  I have tried all but the choc-go-late one.  I enjoyed them.
Three- they contain alcohol.  Yes, if you want to enjoy a cocktail, this is an easy way.  Now, I have not drank in quite some time, so I could totally taste the alcohol, but it wasn't so strong that it is not able to drink and enjoy.
Four- they have incorporated a hole on it with a lanyard.

That might not sound like a great deal, but I liked it. 
Imagine this... Its cold... so you don't want to get your hands freezing.  They are not made in a shape for a coozie, so you just let it hang from your neck while you chat! 

This is a great concept if you are having a party.
You will be the hit if you are able to offer frozen drinks to those that prefer them.
This would be awesome for tailgating! 
Unless you are at a MAJOR tailgating party, you aren't going to have a blender handy.... Just keep a couple of these in your cooler and you are good to go!
This is also a great idea for the beach.  You can't really make a pitcher of frozen ritas and expect them to stay frozen while out on the beach all day... Now, you can stock up and have a great day!!!
I did notice that they were more enjoyable (to me) if you let them sit out for about 10-15 minutes once you remove it from the freezer.  Now, I am sure most people aren't going to walk to the freezer and expect to pull one out and drink it automatically (unless you are me)  so it really should not be a problem. 

The only real problem I saw????  The fact that I want a hurricane (since they always make me think of New Orleans!)  Other than that... I am loving them!!!!!!
Click HERE for the store locator to see where you can purchase.
(I can go to Wal-Mart!)

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Great idea for tailgate, graduation, and outdoor wedding parties. Where do they sell these things. Grocery or liquor stores?

  2. I'd taste those, just to see if it changes my mind about alcohol :)

  3. I love the taste of Mangoes, but when I bought your Mango Daiquiri drink, I didn’t read the ingredients before I purchased it. There are more chemicals in the drink than bug killers. But the most important fact is that it was the nastiest drink I’ve tasted packaged in those pouches.

  4. sorry that you did not like the drink... i thought it had a great taste to it...

  5. Just tasted the cho-co-late I fixed for for two guest after hearing sounds of disgust after they tried it. Two sips in one for me, first and last! This crap was horrible! I would describe the "flavor" as acid reflux with a hint of cocoa. I'm calling Total Wine tomorrow and demand someone taste this and tell me if it's something they would want to continue to sell. $4.00 right down the drain!

  6. did you drink it with the straw?
    so sorry it wasn't great to you.... hope you find a drink you do enjoy!


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