You Can't Make Me #bookreview

I have not had the time to read this yet, but I do plan on reading it as soon as I have time to get involved in a book.  Most of my days are spent trying to sneak in a page or two of a magazine. 
I do have a very strong willed child, so I thin that this is going to come in handy. 

For more than ten years, author, educator, and parent Cynthia Tobias in You Can’t Make Me (But I can Be Persuaded) has been helping exasperated parents with proven techniques to motivate, discipline, and communicate with even the most frustrating strong-willed child.
This updated revised paperback is now packed with even more incredibly practical and immediately useful strategies for bringing out the best in strong-willed children, from toddlers to teens.

Difficult to discipline and at times impossible to motivate, strong-willed children present unique, frustrating, and often exhausting challenges to those who care for them. But now, the miracle parents long for can happen.
Offering new hope, achievable goals, and a breath of fresh air to families and teachers, Tobias explains how the mind of a strong-willed child works and how to use that information to the child's best advantage.

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  1. You'll have to give an update after you read it. That boy on the cover looks like he has Isaak's sulk look.


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