Building and Growing @Lowes With My Papa

If you were here yesterday, you read about Broxton and Daddy enjoying the Lowe's Build and Grow where they built the sled from Rise of the Guardians.
Well, today... I just have to share about Broxton and his adventure with his Papa.

We took Broxton to the Build and Grow where we live and Broxton had a good time with his daddy, so when I saw there was a workshop going on that weekend we were visiting my parents, I knew they would have fun.  Little did I plan into the fact that my dad is not a "builder"  as in when we go to visit, my mom has a "honey do list" for MARC... and leaves comments about if you do this, you are helping out your father in law!  lol...  My dad is one that will get someone to fix it... He isn't going to.  He's a numbers and paperwork guy, just not a builder and fixer!!
So, we get to the Lowes and there are about 100 kids in there...
My dad says, " I think we have just walked in to Santa's Workshop!  There are all the elves building!"
We get Broxton signed in and get his kit... We decide to go in the hallway (they had an actual room they worked in, but it was CRAMMED!)  We are out there and go to sit on the floor.  My dad says he will supervise, that if he gets down, he isn't getting back up.
So, Broxton and I work... and Papa watches!!!
This was the before picture.  As in before Papa said he wasn't getting down there to build. 

Broxton working on building his gingerbread house!

Broxton and Papa when we were done.  Broxton decided to leave his gingerbread house at Papa's house so it can be a bank for him when he is there and finds loose change! 
Don't forget to sign up for the next Lowe's Build and Grow.  It is a mystery kit!!!!
This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the fun we had!!!


  1. I'm glad he's liking it! I can't wait until next year when Travis and I have the same wk end. Then he can take them to.

  2. I remember doing something similar at home depot when I was younger, I think I made a box with a secret compartment and a step stool.. looks like he had a lot of fun! (even if his papa didn't help)


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